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Can you believe it’s already been a week since the last Teen Mom OG recap? Me either! I have to say, I love writing these for y’all and when you comment, it makes my whole day. Thank you for reading!

Now let’s get started!



Amber Portwood

Amber is still upset that she can’t have Leah on school nights. Amber wants to invite Gary and Kristina on her weekend haunted hayride to show Gary that everyone can get along. She seems pensive and worried that Matt will be upset, but Matt looks like he could seriously not care less. Amber calls and invites Gary and Company who agrees to go with. I realize she could text him the details later, but I think its weird that she didn’t give a day or time and he didn’t ask.
Gary tells Kristina she doesn’t have to go on the hayride if she doesn’t want to. Kristina says she has no issues with going. Gary then asks if Kristina if she’s going to go ape shit?! I am as confused as Kristina about that comment. Of all the Teen Mom people, Kristina is like one of the most mellow ones. She tells Gary he needs to get over things in the past and work with Amber instead of holding grudges. Gary looks semi-stoned and says he never holds grudges.

Amber and Leah are dressed up as cats for the haunted hayride. Gary and family do show up and Leah seems pretty happy to have them both there. The hayride seems a little intense for Leah (I’ve actually been to this one, and it definitely has some startling/scary-to-a-kid parts.) Amber, Matt and Leah show up at Gary’s with presents for Kristina’s daughter who is still in the hospital. Gary does acknowledge that it was kind of them to get things for the little girl. Gary and Amber talk about Leah’s upcoming birthday and they discuss having a joint party. Amber bags on Gary wearing the “Dad Bod” shirt. Gary states that he has a budget for Leah’s party and Amber tells him that’s ridiculous. Gary states that he has purchased some houses in the neighborhood and offers to rent one to Amber. Leah seems very excited by that thought, which is probably unfair of them to have put into her head. Matt is surprisingly quiet most of this episode.

Matt Baier

Whatever, really, whatever

Maci McKinney

Maci is busy bathing Maverick in the sink and looking none too happy. Taylor comes in with Jayde and Maci doesn’t even speak to him. I hope that’s just editing and not trouble in paradise already. They start to organize and put away wedding presents, but Maci is too overwhelmed for that, so they discuss Bentley’s upcoming eighth birthday instead. There’s a cute birthday montage of Bentley growing up. Taylor compliments Maci on being a good mom, which is sweet.

Bentley Edwards

Mackenzie is literally getting Ryan dressed. Okay, she’s not physically putting the clothes on him, but she picks everything out, irons it and gives it to him. I realize that’s not super odd, but still. It’s not like he has a job that keeps him busy. Jen and Larry are  wrapping Bentley’s presents. Larry suggests writing the time of the party on Ryan’s forehead, as he is slow sometimes. I die. They are probably just super thankful that someone else is taking care of Ryan now.

Maci is getting Bentley’s party together. They talk about how good Mackenzie is for Ryan. They also talk about how Mackenzie is only 20 but has her life together. Bentley has a nice party and seems happy that everyone is there.

Catelynn Baltierra

Catelynn and Tyler are in the new house and Butch is getting released the next day. Tyler is indifferent about Butch’s release but says he would prefer that Butch not move into the new house with them. Catelynn is busy cooking something and looks like she feels like Matt does about Gary joining them on a hay ride. There’s a lot of apathy going on here.

Catelynn Baltierra

Tyler leaves to go pick up Butch from jail. As he’s getting in the truck, Butch calls and wants to know where Tyler is. And there he is, back again, our man Butch. He does say that he was only incarcerated for about twenty days. Tyler asks him what his plans are and Butch kind of blows him off. Tyler and Butch arrive back at the house and Nova is happy to see Butch. I do wish they would do something with Nova’s hair. Butch tells the producer and Catelynn that he had been using cocaine pretty regularly before he got sent back to jail. Catelynn asks Butch why he didn’t try to talk to one of them when he was feeling some sort of way rather than getting high. Butch doesn’t have a real answer for that. Tyler tells Butch that he can stay at their old house and fix it up in lieu of paying rent. Butch says he is glad Tyler is still there for him. Tyler looks disinterested and disengaged. Butch breaks down, but Tyler just looks like he’s heard it all before. I’m not blaming him here at all. I am sure he has had his heart broken so many times by Butch’s actions over the years, he has to just keep his emotions in check.

Butch Baltierra, Nova Baltierra

Please comb my hair Grandpa!

Catelynn and Tyler discuss Butch living at the old house and Tyler says he does not feel connected to Butch at all at this point. Catelynn points out that they both always have to parent their parents. Tyler puts his head down and looks like he wants to just be anywhere but there. He throws some shade at Catelynn saying she is a lot of work for him too. He says he was kidding, but it doesn’t seem like it.

Butch Baltierra

Farrah Abraham

Sophia has a new nanny, named Fran. Not Fran from The Nanny though, by any means. Farrah is very happy with Nanny Fran and feels she is awesome with Sophia. Farrah is having lunch with a friend and says Simon will be in town in a few days, but they are not a couple. Farrah’s friend must have gotten the same lip implants as Farrah. It looks uncomfortable, frankly.

Simon is on site for training employees. Farrah takes Sophia to a farm where they have miniature horses.   Sophia doesn’t seem overly into this adventure at first. One of the horses is sniffing Farrah’s butt, which she seems oddly fine with. Sophia picks out a horse named Starburst that she proceeds to chase around the pen.

Farrah Abraham

Sophia tells Farrah that she doesn’t like her nanny because she’s old. Farrah then lectures Sophia about not having hate crimes and not discriminating. Sophia turns up the brattiness and refuses to get out of the car. Farrah shoves her and tells her that Sophia is making her very angry and that she doesn’t like pouters.

Farrah and Simon go out to dinner and she snuggles close to him, which is not something you typically do when you are not a couple with someone. Or at least most people don’t. Simon says he would like to be more than friends at some point in the future. Farrah again brings up the ring that she bought herself. She claims that she lost it and just found it. Simon basically calls her out on the ridiculousness of that. Of course, the meal ends in silence and Farrah rolling her eyes and then being sarcastic. Simon rubs her back and she snaps at him not to touch her. I honestly can’t keep up with her emotions.

Next time on Teen Mom OG—Kim asks Tyler if Catelynn is pregnant and Tyler says no, but nods yes (what?!), Leah turns eight and has a party with both her parents present, Farrah plans to move to San Diego, and Maci and Ryan seem to have lost that loving feeling after all.

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  1. williejonesjr says:

    So… Basically, nothing, then.

    Not a reflection on your writing (I love these recaps, so thank you), the show has just gotten to the point of.. Bleh. Kids getting baths, Butch getting out of jail, ppl getting along.. Where’s the fighting and drama? !

    • JerseyGirl says:

      I agree on the blah’ness. And I was even in a fairly snarky mood and there just..wasn’t much to snark about. I mean, we bathe babies in the sink in my family too lol.

      Thanks for reading tho!

  2. #LifeAfterLeah says:

    Disclaimer. I’m going to be super judgy because I’ve had a long day 😉
    Gary (because I’m refusing to acknowledge Amber as a mom until she isn’t a selfish twat anymore): There are so many more approiate things to enjoy with your children around Halloween. A haunted hayride isn’t approiate, and I’m sad that Gary & Kristina didn’t bring that up. Absolutely postivily NO; I’m a fairly progressive parent but she is freaking SEVEN! Super nice of Gary to offer up one of his houses for Amber and her leach to destroy with dog piss and garbage. I agree he shouldn’t have done that around Leah but now Amber can’t use the excuse of how far away they live because hot Damn there is other options! I don’t know how I missed the party discussion; maybe I was tokin it up with Cait or something because I am lost on that part.

    Maci: I don’t think they are having “marital problems” I think they are just married. Believe it or not guys it isn’t all butterflies and rainbows once you stop living in sin. There are days you legit can’t stand to look at your spouse and they won’t stop doing annoying stuff like breathing and what not. Normally I would be like “lazy Maci” but today I’m feeling the pain of too many kids and not enough time, engery or BudLight. Damn me for following the birth control regimen of these girls (I got that right, right?) I honestly do like Makenzie I just hope that she doesn’t think that Ryan is going to wake up one day a changed man that can dress himself and get to places without help. Jen has broken him and hopefully Makenzie is cool with raising him as well as their respective children. This somehow circled back to “stop breathing and whatnot again” (I swear my husband has done nothing wrong today I just quietly despise him currently for impregnating me with those runny nosed brats that I put to bed early so I could take a bath)

    Cait & Tyler (they are the same person now right): The last thing they need is to be babysitting their cocane loving daddy. (See what I did there, it’s a joke about how they are siblings…ah I kill my self) I get they are pottytraining but toss some underwear on your kids while the camera is there, I don’t care how much you love the crew they are still strangers and she shouldn’t be naked around them. What the hell is that teaching her? Ugh I can’t even!

    Farrah: let’s not let it past us that the bitch low key twerked on a horse. Bitch TWERKED on a HORSE! Farrah why if you have so much on your plate are you getting a pet? Oh yeah that’s standard in the TM playbook (refer to Cait’s Bacon Seed) So your child doesn’t want an elderly caretaker? She isn’t really discrimating she is expressing that she hasn’t been exposed to old folk (Debs is channeling a 20 something) Sophia wants someone young and fun that can keep up with her, that isn’t a crime. The Nanny Named Fran (ahhahahah) seems like a nice lady and maybe can teach Sophia a thing or two about how the real peasants live.

    So I finished this up and I want to say…I love my kids and I love my husband but I legit am done today 😂

    • Nikki says:

      Love this comment LAL! I’m laying in bed with my daughter asleep next to me and the bed was shaking from me trying to quietly restrain my laughter about “low key twerking on a horse” 😄😄😄😄
      Best phrase ever stated !

    • Leah's Meth Pipe says:

      Did you used to be a TMJ commenter? Because that snark takes me back to the good old days! Best comment EVER!

      • #LifeAfterLeah says:

        I used to be! I was #lifeafterleah there also. I can’t remember who turned me to Modern Topics but they have my undying love ❤️

    • JerseyGirl says:

      oh, no, I was just remarking that almost-always up Maci seemed perturbed I guess. Not that she has to be always up especially with three kids. I am barely up and my kids are adults now lol.

      The party discussion with Gary and Amber was very brief, but it is nice to see them trying to be civil.

      • #LifeAfterLeah says:

        Thanks for writing by the way!
        By the time I had written that I had spend the afternoon seaching my property for a litter of kittens a stray had obviously birthed somewhere, delt with my wacko aunt for hours on end because she doesn’t know when to shut up and leave, forgotten to make dinner, yelled at my children numerous times because they ran outside in their underwear in the rain and proceeded to jump on the trampoline, had to lock my poor dogs in the house because of said stray kittens and their “agressive sniffing” of them, worked 10 hours and to top it off my husband was having some tattoo work done. Plus I can’t drink because of medical issues so I couldn’t even slam down a bottle of wine when I really needed one 😂
        My comments and frustration were all a reflection of me not you.

        • JerseyGirl says:

          you definitely had a DAY!! and then some! No worries, I didn’t take it badly, constructive criticism only helps writers get better 🙂

          I love your comments!! (and everyone else’s too)

    • chelseas annoying baby voice says:

      Amazing post 😂..

      ‘ the bitch low key twerked on a horse. Bitch TWERKED on a HORSE!’.


  3. Old lady says:

    I loved all your comments #LifeAfterLeah! Treat yourself to a bubble bath!

  4. chan says:

    I don’t get why Nova is almost never dressed? Reminds me of Leah when she was a baby and toddler, Amber never put some clothes on her either.

    • Leah's Meth Pipe says:

      And the girlses. Same with the ratty hair. Is it too much to drag a brush through it and pull it back into a pony tail? It’s the same on snapchat. So it’s not because they are busy “filming their lives”

    • El-ahrairah says:

      I assumed that was why Ty and Cate started their own children’s clothing line! They couldn’t find anything so they made it themselves. 😉 http://www.moderntopics.com/tyler-baltierra-dropping-hints-on-new-business/

    • chelseas annoying baby voice says:

      My thoughts exactly..

      I wonder if Cate just doesn’t want to dolaundry ( because you have to change a toddler at least 2 times a day because of their messiness (and don’t get me started on potty training related accidents) and can’t be bothered with it and therefore lets her daughter run around naked.

      • Grace says:

        I’ll admit my daughter loves to take her clothes off. My kid would literally be in a diaper if it was socially acceptable. But then I would never let her be naked when people come over, or playing outside. We live on an acreage and I still don’t let my kids outside unless they are dressed. I can’t imagine being on national tv and my kids are running around naked.

        • rosie says:

          Or being filmed!!! I cringe every time i see that girl naked, or with wild hair… wich is all the time. And please dont let me start with cate gross greasy hair

  5. -A says:

    Amber – it was nice to see all of them doing something together for Leah. Also loved that Amber got something for Kristina’s daughter. Why would Gary make that comment about K going “ape shit” I’ve not ever scene her lose her cool, but we don’t get to see everything.

    Maci – get over yourself Rhine has been done with you for awhile now. I agree Mackenzie does look older than 20 but I do think she is good for him. Bentley’s “cake” didn’t look appetizing. Did anyone notice the little blonde boy running around? HIs face was never shown or blurred out I’m curious if that’s Mackenzie’s son.

    Farrah – Sophia didn’t believe your schpel about discrimination she knows you well enough and could smell your BS it read all over her face. HAHAHA about Farrah “finding” her lost “engagement” ring you know if it was lost we all would have heard about it.

    Cait – put some clothes on your kid she’s on national TV and you never know whose watching. Tyler just needs to be done with her so that he can be happy. I’m not liking the new house they lived in I think the house they moved out of was much nicer but that’s just my opinion.

    • Reenaface says:

      I too didn’t think that Bentley’s cake looked all that great. In the past, it seemed like Maci pulled out all of the stops to celebrate his birthday. I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with celebrating a birthday at home. But I think that Maci maybe overwhelmed with all of her kids, and with Taylor just literally standing around all…
      Cate and Ty’s new house took some getting used to, but I like it, the decor seems much brighter than the old old place. Plus the new place has land, whereas the old house was part of a main street, I would be concerned about Nova’s safety as you could clearly see cars whizzing by in the background. I like how they immediately put Butch to work, I hope when Butch remodels their old place he knocks down those bright orange walls.
      If Simon is so horrible to Farrah why is it that she can’t find another man, or pay another man to pretend to be her boyfriend on the show? Simon is a jerk, but he seems to have a knack for business and I’m thinking that is part of the reason why Farrah keeps him around.
      That Halloween party was a bit over the top for a child. Leah looked horrified.

    • Reenaface says:

      Maci is not the cow’s meow anymore and is looking quite haggard these days. She has a habit of always comparing herself to Ryan’s ex and current girlfriends. I used to like her back in the early days but she annoys me now. She just comes across as ms perfect and like she’s this perfect saint.

  6. Jenelles Dramastic Change says:

    Alright so am I the only one who notices no difference in Amber after her “mommy” makeover? What exactly did she have done to begin with?

    • Jennelle's next Endorsement Deal says:

      I’m with you! I think she looks just the same, except maybe she likes to flaunt her boobs now more. Nothing else has changed. Watch, she;ll blame it on the meds she’s on. I hope she didn’t pay for those procedures because it was a waste!

      • Jenelles Dramastic Change says:

        She looked so much better when she had the burgundy hair. She looks like a mess now.

        • Reenaface says:

          I miss her burgundy hair… Amber and Chelsea have olive toned skin so all of those bleach blonde dye jobs do not go with their complexions. I’ll throw Farrah in there as well.

          • -A says:

            Yes Farrah with blonde hair look ridiculous. She looks much better with darker hair and with the bit of red in it even looked okay.

      • Baby Daddy #3 says:

        Well, to be fair anxiety/depression meds can make you fat

        But also her surgery probably sucked. So we’ll never know lol

    • chelseas annoying baby voice says:

      I actually thinks she looks bigger than before.

    • Reenaface says:

      I noticed no change at all and it seemed like a waste of money to me.

  7. Cate says:

    Ooooh burn!

  8. Katie says:

    Courtney and Aleah from season 5 of 16&P are both expecting again.

  9. Shantay says:

    Aw, this was a really nice post. In concept I wish to put in writing like this additionally – taking time and actual effort to make a very good article… however what can I say… I procrastinate alot and on no account seem to get one thing done.


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