TEEN MOM OG | Season 6 Episode 18 RECAP | Lil’ Starburst

Hello again Teen Mom OG Readers! I know y’all can’t wait to read all about those crazy OG girls. Based on the name of this episode, I’m already cringing, not because I don’t like miniature horses, I mean, who doesn’t love mini horses, but just because I have a feeling that Lil’ Starburst will end up like so many TM pets. Hopefully I’m wrong. On to the recap!


The producers meet Starburst. I can’t quite figure out where Sophia tells them Starburst lives though? Maybe one of my awesome readers caught that. Farrah opens the door and several small dogs run inside. It seems to be like the Secret Life of Pets up in there. The producers ask if the neighbors mind the horse and in true Farrah fashion she says basically she can do what she wants to do. She makes some vague comment about moving (again). She’s evidently allergic to ‘everything’ in Austin. Farrah does claim that her and Simon are just friends.

Farrah Abraham

Farrah and Sophia go out for a little spa time. Farrah talks to Sophia about moving to San Diego. Sophia would like a five year old baby sister. Later, Farrah is talking to her friend and they go out to the backyard. Now I know where Starburst lives after all. Farrah tells her friend that her neighbors are “terrors” and that they have a problem with a horse living in her backyard. I am pretty sure Farrah lives in a housing development, not on a farm. What is wrong with that girl?! Farrah says she will be back to Austin regularly, since her businesses are located there.


Farrah is out to dinner with her friend, the same friend she just told earlier that she was moving soon to San Diego. The friend asks if she is really moving. Farrah says she doesn’t talk to her parents very much, especially her mother. However, Farrah then goes out to eat with Michael and tells him of her plan to move to San Diego. He seems very surprised. Michael asks Farrah about Simon and she blows that discussion off. Farrah lets Michael know that she is not talking to her mother. Farrah then ugly-cries about not having a perfect family.


Bentley, Maci and Maverick are lounging on a bed and Maci admonishes Bentley to stop “messing with your pecker”. Bentley says “Daddy does it.” Poor baby Maverick looks like he has a bad rash on his face. Maci is talking about Thanksgiving and what Bentley wants to do. Bentley wants to go to Texas with Maci and Taylor. Bentley seems worried that Ryan might get mad, but Maci tells him it’s up to him (Bentley) and whatever he wants to do is fine.

Maci McKinney

Larry and Jen are putting up their Christmas tree. They are worried that they won’t get Bentley for Thanksgiving since they plan on seeing extended family. Larry remembers that the previous Thanksgiving, Maci didn’t let them have Bentley either. This is why you work out what is commonly known as a Parenting Plan with holidays alternated or spelled out. It avoids all this drama, for the most part. Larry is pretty irritated that Maci won’t give a clear answer on what is going on. I understand that they are the grandparents, but Maci has depended on them a lot when Bentley was younger, and it is pretty rotten to just blow them off now.

Maci still hasn’t answered Ryan about Bentley going to Alabama. Now, I am definitely not Team Ryan, and I know he has missed a lot of things in Bentley’s life and barely ever shows up on time, but, Maci is now doing to Ryan what she accuses him of doing – not communicating.

Ryan and Mackenzie talk about Thanksgiving plans. Ryan is hoping Maci won’t be a “punk” and let him have Bentley. Mackenzie admonishes him for his attitude. He texts Maci again to ask about Thanksgiving. Maci finally lets him know that Bentley will not be with Ryan for the holiday. Ryan lets his parents know. Jen is upset. Ryan says he could strangle Maci and gets the “look” from Mackenzie.

Maci’s friend Keelie comes over while Maci is sorting Maverick’s clothes. Maci tells her friend that things have been rough since she told Ryan that Bentley is going to Texas for the holiday and has texted her some rude comments. Ryan had asked her how it was fair and she responded that Ryan had no business questioning her parenting and it was about what Bentley wanted. Maci points out to Keelie that she had to teach Bentley everything he knows, how to play baseball, how to throw a football, how to spell. Okay then! Maci states that Ryan’s only contribution was helping to create Bentley.


Okay, let me say up front, I think Nova is super cute. But for the love of all that is holy, can someone please brush that kids hair? And put some clothes on her while she’s being immortalized on national television?! Catelynn and Tyler are planning Nova’s birthday party. Ty tells Cate that he wants another baby, a boy, but Cate is very hesitant. Tyler would like a baby within the next year and pressures Cate. He doesn’t seem to remember her post partum depression at all.

Catelynn Baltierra Nova Baltierra

Nova turns two! They are having her party, and happily, she is dressed for the occasion. To celebrate, she’s walking around licking frosting off a butter knife. Butch shows up and they have cake and presents. She gets a #FreeButch tshirt which is pretty funny. Kim sits down with Tyler and Amber (Tyler’s sister) to discuss Butch. Tyler still seems disengaged about the situation.

Nova BaltierraNova BaltierraCatelynn Baltierra

Kim asks Ty if Cate is pregnant. Tyler says no, but nods his head yes for some reason that he doesn’t explain. Tyler really wants a boy and has been doing medical research to try and ensure that the next baby is a boy. Kim tells them doing it doggy style will guarantee a boy, the crew member suggests laughing while conceiving helps.

Tyler Baltierra

That moment when your mom offers sex advice

Nova is working on potty training with Tyler. Cate looks mostly disinterested in that whole process. Ty and Cate talk more about another baby and Cate reiterates she isn’t yet ready, and has birth control for the next ten years unless he has it removed.


Amber, Matt, Gary and Kristina are throwing a surprise party for Leah, together at an arcade. Leah is eight! They all check out the party room together and make decisions. Amber wants chair covers (what??) and Gary basically says that’s lame and Matt agrees with him. This should end well. Amber mentions that Matt’s son Chris will be attending and both Gary and Kristina look pensive.

Amber Portwood

Amber and Matt go shopping for Leah’s birthday. Gary goes out to lunch with a friend (nope, I’m wrong, it was with his brother; thank you astute reader for jogging my memory!). Gary explains that he is not thrilled about Chris being around Leah because of Chris’ drug use. Gary’s friend pushes about when is Amber getting married. Um, not sure how that is any of his business actually.

Leah has her birthday party and is very surprised. She seems really happy to have everyone at her party together. Gary asks Matt about his relationship with Chris and then segues into when the date is for Amber and Matt’s wedding. Gary then tells Amber and Matt that they should have a baby. Amber states “I can’t” and Gary asks why. Amber doesn’t answer that. Frankly, Gary, that was a whole lot of inappropriate questioning going on.

Gary and Kristina discuss the party. Gary says he is okay with Chris since he doesn’t live with Matt and Amber and will only be around Leah a limited amount of time. Gary rambles about the many types of Amber and Kristina gives him a look like “why are you babbling on about this?” Amber and Matt are hanging out and Amber says she has had plenty of “Gary time” in the last couple of weeks. I’m with her; a little Gary goes a long way. Amber shares that she was recently re-diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and bipolar, and doesn’t feel that is a situation to bring another child into, plus she needs to be on three medications for the rest of her life. Amber realizes that without the medication, she will be unstable. Matt seems supportive of Amber not procreating with him.

Next time on Teen Mom OG – Amber is upset because Leah didn’t make her an ornament because they only made one, Maci is mad at Ryan, Farrah shows off a ring she bought herself to Simon and Tyler asks Cate if she is afraid he will leave her.

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  1. Hairstyles of the Rich & Alnost Fanous says:

    I have some strong opinions about this episode:

    The Edwards are monsters. Who puts their Christmas tree up BEFORE Thanksgiving? https://www.facebook.com/ThanksgivingIsFirst/

    Whatever product the Baltierra family uses is either a) too greasy b) abused c) the wrong product for their hair types or d) all of the above. Catelynn needs to go to the person who colors her hair once a year for the reunion and get an education and some salon quality products. Nova’s hair didn’t get that ratty in a day and even Sophia’s hair is usually better than this.

    People of the world in general need to stop pressuring (mainly) women (and also couples) to have babies or have more babies. But they really need to stop pressuring people with legitimate mental health issues about having babies. Yes, Catelynn is wishy washy (although I think deep down she doesn’t want anymore, but is a people pleaser) and so is Tyler. She has clearly voiced her concern about post partum depression and people are not listening to her. It is her body! Amber has a lot of great reasons not to have more children: mental illness, not actually wanting one, having a live in deadbeat dad with a pack of children who spend her money, etc. I hope that the conversation was edited and she went into more detail with Gary. Because she is being misleading. She can have children physically. I think maybe she wanted him to feel bad for asking-which honestly I don’t blame her for. Gary is just trying to stir the pot because he’s an instigator. There’s no way in hell he thinks those two need a baby. I can’t decide if Matt wants to knock her up or not. If he gets her pregnant, even if she wises up, MTV will keep filming him, regardless of whether he pays any attention to the kid. Look at Jenelle or Adam for example.

    Also, FYI, he’s not that memorable, but Gary’s friend is actually his brother. The only times I remember seeing him was when Leah refused to talk to Amber on the phone and he was all “that’s not nice.” He also gave Gary the sage advice not to tickle Amber.

    I bet Paola asked if Farrah was really moving because that LA move sure didn’t stick. I feel bad for Farrah’s neighbors, I hope she does move for their sake. She should move to the cave Jo suggested for Kail.

    • Jenelles Dramastic Change says:

      In regards to the Christmas tree…my parents put all three of theirs up the weekend after Halloween.

      • Sophia's stripper pole says:

        No, that’s just WRONG WRONG WRONG! What is wrong with you people!

      • Hairstyles of the Rich & Alnost Fanous says:

        All three!

      • Jenelles Dramastic Change says:

        My parents are HUGE Christmas people! They have a Christmas cuckoo clock in their kitchen that is up all year round, banners (primitive banners not weird shrine banners but it’s still weird lol) of santa and a snowman, a let it snow sign in their dining room, and a few other odds and ends placed around the house. My sister, my stepdad, and my mom all have their own tree. I had my own as well before I moved out. My sisters is pink with cupcakes and different cartoon characters such as My Little Pony on it, my moms is the primitive style with orange flickering lights and my stepdads is the main tree which we refer to as the “Disney Tree” complete with a Mickey Mouse moving tree topper. And don’t get me started with the plastic blow molds that cover every inch of their lawn. Oh, and they also have a plastic moose head blow mold placed nicely over their fireplace 😉

      • Jenelles Dramastic Change says:

        I wish I could post photos to show my moms response lol. She said you guys need to get onboard with decorating early 😂

    • JerseyGirl says:

      Oh!!! You’re absolutely right about Gary’s friend being his brother – how did I forget that?! Thank you 🙂

  2. #LifeAfterLeah says:

    Farrah: NO! You can not have a freaking horse in your backyard! Do they not have zoning laws there? I’m so freaking frustrated over this. Last year my lovely freaking neighbors decided they were going to raise chickens. I live in an affluent community and I payed damn good money to live here. If I wanted to live next door to a farm I would have freaking bought a house next door to a farm! Where I live and where Farrah lives is NOT an approiate place for farm animals. The freaking chickens started coming in my yard! So I reported it and the chickens were removed and you know what my neighbors said to me? I took their kid’s chickens away! A month or so later they moved and so far the new neighbors haven’t started a farm. Sorry, Farrah hit a nerve! Find a freaking stable for the freaking horse and put it where it belongs because it doesn’t belong in your yard. Farrah may be allergic to everything in Austin but I’m allergic to her bullshit.

    Maci: What a bitch! Of course Bentley is going to want to go on a “mini vacation” instead of staying home and doing the same old same old for Thanksgiving. Does Maci really think that she is the only one entitled to have time with Bentley on the holidays?! I really think she can’t handle the fact that Ryan is doing better and actually trying now. She has been going out of her way to make him look like garbage since he started to get his crap together. Maci whined and cried how she just wanted Ryan to be a dad and when he starts trying to be a dad it’s too late and that ship has sailed? Maci has never given Ryan a chance and this is no different. On behalf of Ryan…Fuck You Maci.

    Cait: Just saying you give a kid a stripper name she is going to have a tendency to want to be naked. The last thing these two douchebags need is another kid. Cait just now started taking care of the one they already had. So Tyler isn’t going to want the kid if it turns out to be a boy? There is no exact science to it unless you drop thousands on IVF and they what money would you use to bail Butch out of jail with? They are not in the right place to have another baby just like they aren’t in the right place to take care of Caits sibling (or is that Tyler’s? Or both?) or take care of Butch. They two of them need to work on taking care of themselves and their daughter!

    Gary: I may be the odd man out here but Gary has the right to know everything he was asking Amber. When Amber gets married this will affect Leah. If heaven forbid Amber and Matt have a baby this will affect Leah. The fact that Amber got new mental diagnoses affects Leah! I don’t think she realizes that every little change will affect her daughter. I feel it’s really important for Gary to know what is going on in Ambers life because of Leah.

    • JerseyGirl says:

      I agree Gary has a right to know things that involve Leah, but Matt already lives there – a wedding isn’t going to make that any different. Gary and Kristina had a baby and got married, which affected Leah, but they likely didn’t clear that with anyone (of course, Amber was fresh out of jail then, I think? ) My ex and his new wife adopted a child-that affected our daughter, yet I didn’t feel it would have been my place to ask why they were adopting, when they were getting the baby, etc. Let’s HOPE Amber is smart enough to not procreate with Matt, no matter her mental state. Things like Matt’s son living where Leah would be staying, Gary absolutely has a right to know. The personal minutia of Amber’s life? Not so much.

      And I do not get the need that people who don’t live on farms have to raise chickens in suburban/urban areas! that seems to be a “thing” here too, and I’m like seriously?? My old neighbors also had a goat, that they walked like a dog and kept on their 65′ x 120′ lot. Why????

    • Hairstyles of the Rich & Alnost Fanous says:

      When Tyler said he had been doing research on how to get a boy and then it turned into sex positions, food, and laughing l was like “so you didn’t do that much research then?” Poor Nova, not only does she have to hear about Carly, she has to hear about Tyler’s special boy. I hope they cut that shit out before she can comprehend, because that could be very damaging. Normally I would say adopt a boy then, but I wouldn’t wish these two on another unsuspecting family.

    • Leah's Meth Pipe says:

      #LifeAfterLeah – BEST COMMENT!!
      I agree with everything you said. I also want to add that Kim giving Tyler sex advice was just creepy. All I can see is Tyler picturing Kim and Butch trying to conceive him! And Cate is too lazy to participate in doggy style anyway.

  3. -A says:

    Farrah – your neighbors are likely upset because you live in a nicer area and there is likely on HOA so no you can’t do whatever you want. I loved how the cameraman took a swipe about putting “hoof covers” on Starburst before she(?) could go in the house. Also you’re worried about the crew using your bathroom and Simon walking across the rug with his shoes on but you have numerous dogs running around. Yeah that makes sense. Also when she was with Sophia at the spa you could tell she didn’t care what she wanted at her new house the look on her face was so blank and disinterested.

    Maci – while I like that she asked Bentley where he wanted to go she should have said that his dad’s family really wanted to see and spend time with him. You know Mimi Jen and Papa Larry where asking a good while in advance if he could be with them.

    Amber – I’m glad she is thinking about her future health and what being off her meds would do to her. I also liked that they did a joint party for Leah so that she could have everyone she loved and those that love her together, I was a bit sad that we didn’t see any friends there.

    Cait – keep some clothes on your kid. Good to see that they are sticking with the potty training. I also like that Cait is saying that she is not ready for another kid right now. Also Tyler pretty much called her out on her sh*t about being the one that took care of Nova.

  4. Nikki says:

    Maci makes me crazy because she is one of those women who whines that she has “no help” from the father of her child but she rebuffs him every chance she gets and enjoys that control. Im not necessarily Team Ryan, tho I do like him, but he needs to get a custody plan in place with a fixed schedule because she dangles Bentley over him and his parents. I understand they are the grandparents not the parents however she relied heavily on them since Bentley was born and made them a huge part of his life so for her to turn around and try to cut it off is just for her own benefit and has nothing to do with Bentley because clearly he enjoys his time with them. She needs to stop trashing Ryan on TV poor a Bentley is going to have to hear about it for his whole life, imagine the teenage years ugh..poor kid.
    Catelynn and Tyler need NO MORE children ever. They suck at being married and are marginally interested in Nova at best. Poor Sweet thing! I cannot stand people who obsess over having a boy or girl specifically as if they aren’t just happy to have whatever they get. Get over yourself Tyler! We don’t need another you running around. Naked especially. And Kim giving sexual advice??? I almost lost my cheesy bean and rice taco bell burrito!!!

  5. Tyler's Great American Novel says:

    I’m super curious about what medications Amber is on. I can take a guess based on what I know about bipolar disorder and depression, but I don’t deal with a lot of borderline personality disorder.

    Some doctors still tell women with bipolar disorder that they shouldn’t have kids (those doctors are assholes).

    A disturbing number of doctors try and get women who are pregnant off their meds with no real cause. I currently work with a group of psychiatrists who are studying how to properly dose antidepressants/antipsychotics/etc in pregnancy and if she’s on any of the main players (lithium, lamotrigine, quetiapine, prozac, celexa, lexapro, etc) they are all FINE to take in pregnancy and, fuck, you SHOULD continue you on them because it is so much harder to get you back to well if you go off them while pregnant. STAY ON YOUR MEDICATIONS, PEOPLE!

    That being said, Amber should never have more kids. Ever. Not because of her disease, but because she’s such an inattentive piece of shit.

    If you’re curious about medication in pregnancy, Mother to Baby is a really great resource, btw.

    • Baby Daddy #3 says:

      I want to know what med Amber is on that allows her to drink 🙃

      • Kesha is my Idol says:

        She could be on Buspirone/Buspar. I highly doubt it, given her diagnosis, but it is a possibility. I have a friend who is on it because she won’t give up her drinking – it is not as effective as her old med in treating the symptoms of her anxiety, but she says it’s worth it because she can still drink.

    • Baby Daddy #3 says:

      Also. Even lithium is okay to take during pregnancy? I’ve always heard that it’s basically poison that works – which is why they have to get blood work regularly to ensure they don’t have lithium poisoning. Sounds risky 😕

      • Tyler's Great American Novel says:

        The problem is we don’t understand enough about how metabolism changes in pregnancy because no one has wanted to do those studies. Lithium has a narrow therapeutic range (that’s really hard to get back to if you stop in pregnancy and start again) on top of it so frequent blood tests are needed but you can take it in pregnancy. A lot of time, for the people lithium works for, it’s like a miracle and nothing else really works.

        Basically, both depressive episodes and manic episodes carry HUGE risks (unable to maintain prenatal care, poor nutrition, drug use, smoking, alcohol use, risky behaviors, loss of financial support, loss of interpersonal support, etc.) and you need to weigh those risks against any known risks of the drug. For a lot of bipolar women, the risks of depressive/manic episodes are far worse than the drug.

  6. Reenaface says:

    I’m curious though because I thought that Farrah bought a house in L.A. and was preparing to move in, and then there was no mention of it again. I wonder if she moves to San Diego how long would she stay? It seems like her roots run deep in Austin, and I don’t blame her neighbors for being concerned about the pony. Cute pony, but it doesn’t belong in the neighborhood.
    Maci was being so unreasonable thisis episode, she treats Bentley like he’s her property when he has the right to get to know hisname other relatives. I would love to see just once for Larry or even Jen put Maci in her place, just like how Larry became unglued and lashed out at Jen and Ryan. Maci’s holier than thou act gets annoying and she acts that way because no one checks her attitude. She and Taylor are so boring.
    I all with Gary looking out for Leah’s best interest but it does seem like he wants to get something started. And maybe something does need to get started because OG is boring. I wish that TM2 filmed year round, they were much more interesting last season.

    • Tyler's Great American Novel says:

      She kept saying “IT’S HIS CHOICE,” but 1) an 8 year old shouldn’t really get much of a say 2) I’m sure she has made it clear she would be unhappy if he went and he wants to please her

      Does Maci think she’s being sneaky with her manipulation?

      • JerseyGirl says:

        Exactly regarding it being “his” choice – you don’t put kids in that type of situation, they want to love and be loved by both their parents and usually say whatever they think the parent they are with at the time wants to hear, see also Jace.

        • Leah's Meth Pipe says:

          Exactly. If Mimi Jen, Papa Larry or Rhine asked Bentley, he would probably say he wanted to be with them. Why wouldn’t he? Jen and Larry spoil the shit out of him! He’s just saying whatever the person/parent he’s with, wants to hear. Poor kid. Fuck you Maci. Get a parenting plan in place, quit being a controlling bitch and then when Rhine steps out of line with his court/mediated visitation order, then she can bitch about him being a shit dad. But I honestly think he’s just given up trying because he hits a wall with her every time she does. Even years back when they did do mediation she was very hard to budge. She likes to have that control over Rhine.

    • JC says:

      The problem is, if Larry or Jen tried to put Maci in her place, or came unglued, that would be the last time they get to see their grandchild, at least for a really long time. And they are well aware of that, which is why it would never happen.


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