Teen Mom OG | Season 6 Episode 19 RECAP | Blue Christmas

Welcome back to another recap, readers! It’s our favorite OG girls, back for another week of…something!


Catelynn is taking Tyler on a surprise trip to cheer him up. She tells him to pack, but won’t tell him where they are going. Tyler does pull on a white vest and admits he has no clue what he was thinking when he bought that. Gotta agree with you there, Tyler. Tyler tries to guess their destination. Catelynn then tells him that they are going to Jackson Hole, WY. Tyler seems less than thrilled at the prospect.

Tyler Baltierra

Catelynn and Tyler arrive in Jackson Hole, WY at a resort. Catelynn, like many of the Teen Moms, needs to learn to wear her seatbelt correctly. It’s really not that hard! They go inside their cabin, which really just looks like a condo. Thank God, there is a couch there, so they should be all set. The FaceTime Nova but they have poor cell reception. This makes Nova pretty upset, so they cut the call short. Catelynn has plans for them to ride snowmobiles and got a hot spring in the middle of nowhere the following day.

Catelynn and Tyler are getting suited up to ride snowmobiles. They make it to the hot spring and dive in. They talk about how far they’ve come since middle school and Tyler does compliment Catelynn on planning a great getaway. They also go tubing and seem to have a really good time. Tyler then wonders what he can do to up the ante. He says he’s been feeling pretty good lately. They talk about going to do something as a couple at least once a month. I hope their jobs and/or school don’t get in the way. Tyler can’t understand why Catelynn is insecure. To help her with that insecurity, he basically turns it back around and makes it all her fault.

Catelynn Baltierra, Tyler Baltierra


The producer asks Ryan what he’s getting Mackenzie for Christmas and Ryan shares that he is planning to propose. Ryan can’t explain all his feelings towards Mackenzie but looks happy to be taking this step.

Ryan Edwards

Maci and Bentley are cleaning the kitchen. Bentley is whining about doing the dishes, which appears to mean loading and unloading the dishwasher. Suck it up, kid. Taylor comes in and the family discusses Christmas plans. While folding his ears into a very odd shape, Bentley tells Maci what Jen and Larry are wanting to do as far as Christmas. I said it last week, I’ll say it again. Parenting plan. Maci points out that Bentley would miss opening Santa presents if he goes to his grandparents and spends the night Christmas Eve. So of course, Bentley says he wants to stay home with Maci. I really dislike when people use kids as pawns and act like they own them. Maci then complains about Jen and Larry putting Bentley on the spot. Wow. Maci, seriously?! The producer is the voice of reason and says maybe people should sit down and have an actual conversation about everything. Maci then states that had Ryan not messed up in the past, this wouldn’t be an issue. Taylor jumps in and says it’s obvious that Maci is right and he knows who butters his bread. Okay, I made up that very last part. I do get her frustration with Ryan, especially in the past, but she has depended on Jen and Larry to be there when it has been convenient for her, hell they have even watched her other children. To suddenly decide they are “just” the grandparents is wrong.

Maci McKinney, Bentley Edwards
Ryan hurts himself getting Mackenzie a water out of the fridge, which, let’s face it, pretty much sums up Ryan. Mackenzie asks the plans for Christmas. Mackenzie asks Ryan if anything is written down, or maybe they should sit down and sort things out for the upcoming year. Finally! Ryan is hesitant, but she cuts him off and tells him what’s what. I like her!

Mackenzie asks Ryan later if he had managed to set up a talk with Maci, but he says he hadn’t gotten ahold of her yet, and would send her a text message. If I were Mackenzie, I’d have definitely lost patience by now. She coaches him on how to not sound like a jerk on the text. Later, they are getting ready to go out to eat. Mackenzie compliments him on the sweetness of it all and he soaks it in. He does get down on one knee to propose, which is actually very touching. I do wish he’d managed to not have dip in his cheek for one of the most important moments in his life. And bleh to kissing him with that in there.

Maci states that she is not compromising on the Christmas schedule. Ryan and Mackenzie meet with Jen and Larry and show them Mackenzie’s ring. They have a few laughs at Ryan’s expense while he scratches his head with a butter knife. What is wrong with him?? Ryan wants his dad to be his best man, which is pretty touching. Well, Larry seems more touched than Ryan. Ryan just gives everyone the bug eyes while Jen cries. Jen does make a toast to not giving Ryan back to them.

Larry Edwards, Ryan Edwards


Amber is working on her website and looking forward to having Leah for the weekend. Matt is driving the “Mamber” car, even though the license plate is blurred out. The Corvette is a Christmas present for Amber. He takes her out to see it and she says “what the hell is that?” She asks if she gets to drive it, and then takes Leah for a ride. Matt backseat drives from the driveway. Amber asks Leah if she looks “hot” in the car. Leah gives her an eyeroll. It would appear Leah has the most sense out of that group, no surprise there.

Leah Shirley, Amber Portwood

Amber and family go to pick out a Christmas tree and then she decorates it with Leah’s help. Matt wearing a large Grinch onesie is pretty scary.Amber is wearing a Ruldoph onesie. This is not a good look, adults. Amber is very whiney that they don’t have as many lights as she would like. Amber, you live in a major metropolitan city, go to the store and buy more lights if you want more lights. Gary calls while they are decorating and wants to know when Leah will be home. He offers to talk about holiday plans when they get there. Amber almost breaks her arm patting herself on the back for being civil to Gary.

Amber Portwood, Leah Shirley

Amber starts quizzing Leah about her Christmas tree at Gary’s and asks her to make an ornament for the tree at Amber’s. Leah looks uncomfortable and says they are only making one in art class. This is where a reasonable person might say to the child, “maybe we could get the stuff at a craft store and make some ornaments together”. Note I said reasonable. That is, of course, not Amber’s reaction. She actually asks the eight year old “What about me?” and “Doesn’t mommy matter”. Just. Wow. Leah tries to offer up an ornament-sharing solution, which she should not have to even be thinking about. Amber then has a mini-breakdown and Matt tries to soothe her. Leah asks her if she is crying and she says she is okay, even though I’m pretty sure Leah can see her and hear her. Way to hit her with that guilt stick, Amber.

Gary and Kristina are discussing Christmas plans. Kristina points out that everyone needs to just work together. Amber takes Leah to the door, still in that ridiculous Rudoph onesie. I am trying hard to picture my ex’s face if I showed up in that getup to drop our kid off. Sorry, I digress. Gary reiterates the Christmas plans and Amber starts to cry and whimpers that she’ll call. What is that even about? He wasn’t being a jerk, he was just firming up plans. She gets back in the car and cries to Matt that she wishes things were different. She’s still hung up on the ornament thing. Make a damn ornament with her, Amber, this is not rocket science. I am the least crafty person in the universe and I could pull that off!


Farrah and Michael are hosting an event at her furniture store for realtors. Farrah shows her friend Paola the huge rock she bought herself. Didn’t we already go down this road? At least she is not claiming its from a fiancé this time. She is headed to San Diego to house hunt. Or apartment hunt. Pretty sure apartment buildings are not going to be okay with Starburst joining their community. Later, Farrah and Simon go out to eat and she waves the ring in his face. He basically laughs it off, even when Farrah calls him a bitch. Simon wants to trade half his lunch, but Farrah is not about sharing, even her sandwich. Simon does say that he is excited about Farrah moving there, so he can “keep an eye on her”. They have one of the oddest relationships on this show.

Farrah and Simon are looking at houses together. This should go smoothly. The first house is listed at a cool $1,600,000. Farrah seems put off that there is an HOA, because you know, Starburst. Farrah snaps at Simon in the car, and Simon is snarky back to her, so pretty much their relationship is status quo. Farrah, please wear your seatbelt the correct way. Simon calls her out on being on her phone and not looking at the neighborhoods and Farrah tells him she is already stressed out.

Farrah and Simon continue their house-hunting adventure. They look at a house with a lot of acreage where horses would be permitted, and no HOA. Farrah seems interested in that one. Farrah does not want to pay $1.3 million though, since the house was built in 1988 and is so old. Her and Simon are back to arguing as they look for what would be Sophia’s school.  Farrah, Simon and some friends hang out at a restaurant. Farrah tells them she really liked the second house she looked at.  The friends ask about Farrah’s ring, and she lets them know that she bought it herself. Simon laughs it all off. And chews with his mouth open.

Next time on Teen Mom OG – Amber talks about how hard she works on her boutique, Butch talks about wanting to use again, Farrah is mean to her mom, and Maci tells Mackenzie that Bentley no longer wants to go to Jen and Larry’s.

 My winners for most level-headed this week go to Mackenzie and Leah, while the whiner awards go to Ryan, Maci and Amber. Yes, guys, the eight year old acted a lot better than you did.

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  1. Ain't shit says:

    Maci is Ryan’s equivalent. She does not give a fuck anymore just as much as Ryan never has. I think she is just over Ryan attitude and Ryan’s parents enabling him. Ryan is the typical baby daddy and Maci is now the typical baby momma.

  2. #LifeAfterLeah says:

    Cait: Is it just me or do Cait & Ty seem so much lighter and happier when Nova isn’t around? I understand that two is a hard age to parent; I spent most of my children’s twos & threes in a wine induced haze praying for it to end. However, I don’t feel like I was completely miserable until I dumped them off on someone. That brings my next point; why in the fudge is April allowed to babysit this kid so much. I get she is grandma but didn’t she already f up Cait enough? Why give her the chance to also have a negative influence on Nova? As always there isn’t really much to say about them except we are getting a glance at what life is like for children raised by addicts once they hit adulthood.(P.S. it isn’t pretty)

    Maci: Maci darling, you need to get off your high horse before Jen and Makenzie throw you off because that is what is about to happen. Yeah Ryan wasn’t an outstanding father the first couple of years of Bentley’s life. It took him a long time to grow up and now that he is actually getting somewhere Maci wants him gone. Of course Bentley isn’t old enough to make important choices about where he wants to be (My 9 year old still isn’t mature enough to know how to make a decision for her and not her parents.) Maci is going to keep putting him on the spot until she stops getting Bentley to answer the way she wants him to and then she will insist there be a parenting plan in place. I really like Makenzie because she is a babymama and can use that to show Ryan (by Ryan I mean his puppet masters) maybe a bit of Maci’s side. I feel like it is going to come to a point where Maci and Makenzie face off. Maci is no longer the apple of Jen and Larry’s eye and I’m wondering if that also has something to do with Maci’s new attitude toward them. PS next episode we are going to find out that “Bentley” doesn’t want to go to Jen & Larry’s anymore and I’m going to call bullshit and throw something fair warning.

    Gary’s Babymama #1: It boggles my mind that I have to type Babymama #1 because Gary has two of em’ meaning TWO women have had sex with Gary (just sit on that a minute). I am going to start off by saying (sorry this could get long) Fudge you Amber! Fudge you so hard you disappear like Matt did the minute the pee sticks were dry! Fudge you so hard you forget your name like your having a couple extra xanny day. Fudge yourself right in the A like Farrah’s “sex tape”! Done, done I’m fudding done. If I were Kristina I would have gotten in my car and went over to Amber’s house and shown her what assault really is the second that clip aired on Sunday. Amber, I don’t know that you know you shamed your freaking CHILD over a cheep A Christmas ornament! Yes, Amber could have made one with Leah for her house but honestly I think the only thing the could have made it better for Amber would have been if Leah took that specific ornament and gave it to Amber in front of Gary & Kristina. For the rest of Leah’s life every time they make a craft to take home at school she is going to feel a pang of guilt and we all know Gary isn’t going to see another ornament or craft. I betcha Amber even ends up with Father’s Day crafts after the stunt she pulled. Amber is a freaking child and I can’t even with her. DONE I’m DONE.

    Farrah: She is off being a better mother than Amber ever will be and she isn’t even with her kid (actually spending so much time away from her is most likely the best parenting decision Farrah can make.) So, lets go house hunting with Farrah and look at 1 million dollar houses, ONE MILLION dollar houses. Houses being bought by a girl who had sex for money. I feel super bad about my life and I’m sorta thinking about allowing anal if it will make things better. (Just kidding, nobody is going near my no no zone) At least I have a kind heart FARRAH! (lets all laugh together) Okay so not trying to take my anger out on Farrah… um … I guess I got nothing but porn star jokes today. Maybe next episode she will do something worth mentioning.

    • JerseyGirl says:

      Okay, I’m DYING here at your recap of my recap hahaha. I need us to become besties – I feel like we already are, actually 🙂

      I mean, I totally agree about April babysitting ANYONE, ever, the fact that two people (at least) have had sex with Gary (how??? nevermind, don’t tell me, I don’t want to know), Amber’s immature attitude towards a CHILD, and Farrah and the no-no zone. (I’m totally stealing that btw).

      Seriously, you just made my entire day.

      • #LifeAfterLeah says:

        We can so be besties as long as you like wine and crap talking people! 😂

        Really though thank you so much for writing these awesome recaps! I have a house full of boys and a preteeen stepdaughter 4 days a week (the reason for wine) so MT gives me an outlet!

  3. Grace says:

    Maci has been on for 5 minutes, and I already want to turn the show off. First of all, she has no problem using Jenn and Larry when she has no babysitter. Secondly, if she wants Ryan to step up, she needs to let him. Lastly, Bentley is not old enough to be making big decisions like that. He clearly said he wanted to spend Christmas there, then changes his mind the minute his mother starts complaining. I can guarantee that he minute he is back with Ryan, he will say he wants to spend it with him. He’s a CHILD. He is going to say whatever the parent he is with, wants.
    Maci is being so irritating this season. We get it, Ryan sucks. But you keep complaining about him not stepping up, yet you don’t give him any chances.

  4. chelseas annoying baby voice says:

    ‘They talk about how far they’ve come since middle school ‘.

    I just…. Really? Come a long way from where exactly? Finished school? Nope. Gotten a job ? Nope. They are still the same except for having Nova.

  5. chelseas annoying baby voice says:

    In addition to my other post. People say or used to say that Ambs had mmade so.much progress ‘ come a lomg way’ and it annoys/annoyed the crap out of me! Trying to kick people’s ass on national TV is not progress…

  6. Alicia says:

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