Teen Mom OG | Season 6 Episode 20 RECAP | Let’s Try to Get Along

Another day, another recap!


Farrah is back in Austin for Sophia’s birthday party. She has invited her mom to come to the party. Farrah, Michael and Sophia go to lunch and Farrah tells Michael about the party. Debra arrives and is locked out of the house. Deb unleashes the dogs from the crate and lets them outside. Farrah and Sophia arrive and show Deb the pony. Deb is telling Farrah how much she has missed her and Farrah completely blows her off. Starburst gallops around the backyard and Sophia looks on, looking rather sinister. Not going to lie, that kid scares me sometimes.

Sophia Abraham

Farrah is getting Sophia’s party ready. This, of course, means she has to yell at her parents about what they’re doing wrong. Paola arrives and Farrah bosses her around, but at least she doesn’t yell at her. I am continuously shocked that anyone ever hangs out with Farrah. Ever.   Farrah then goes outside to torture Starburst by dressing him? her? up. Debra comes outside on the balcony and Farrah actually has the nerve to admonish Deb for “yelling off the balcony”. Farrah is so incredibly rude and hurtful. The party looks cute, and there is an eight-tier cake. Wow.

At the party, Deb is scrolling through pictures on her phone of Sophia’s birth and Farrah is indignant that they might be shown. Um, you gave birth on national TV and let’s not forget about your other endeavors. A little late for modesty, Farrah.   Farrah then states that there are very few pictures of her youth, and not much was done for/with her. Deb disagrees while wearing a very strange shirt.

Deb is making pancakes for the sleepover crew and actually gets snotty with a little kid. Not that I’m too shocked about that, but still. Farrah asks her mom if she is leaving the next day and then states that Deb cannot stay with her the whole time and will need to get a hotel. Farrah states that Debra has to “be normal” if she is going to be there. Since when is being normal a requirement? Debra doesn’t want to stay in town if she is banished to a hotel with no vehicle and Farrah doesn’t want her mom at her house. As loud as those two are, you know Sophia could hear all of that.


Ryan calls to tell Bentley the news of his engagement via FaceTime. Bentley and Maci both seem happy for him, and Ryan asks Bentley to be his “little” best man. He then tells Bentley to ask his mom where she got all the hookers. Sigh. Ryan. Seriously?? Ryan tries to play it off, but honestly, who says that to their child of any age? Maci then invites Mackenzie out to lunch. Maci does tell Bentley that Mackenzie is great.

Maci McKinney

Maci and Mack go to lunch and Maci tells Mack that she definitely needs a wedding planner. Mackenzie seems pretty nonchalant about the whole planning process and said she planned her first wedding in three weeks, during her senior year of high school. Maci and Mackenzie bond over their high school teen mom experience. Maci asks Mackenzie for her help in helping Ryan and Bentley bond. Maci says that Bentley is not happy going to Jen and Larry’s and that he still has to sleep with Jen when he is there. Mackenzie starts looking a little uncomfortable about where this conversation is headed. Maci goes on and on, emphasizing that Jen and Larry are grandparents not parents. Funny, she wasn’t singing that tune when she wanted to go out and left baby Jayde with Jen and Larry, or the many times she had them watch Bentley.

Maci McKinney Bentley Edwards

Maci gets back from lunch and talks about her meeting with Mackenzie with Taylor. Taylor tries to be insightful, but it’s almost painful listening to him. Bentley and Ryan have a phone conversation and Ryan asks Bentley if he wants to stay at Ryan’s instead of Jen and Larry’s. Did they take lessons from Barbara and Jenelle? Stop asking the child where he wants to stay and just be parents.


Amber gets a call from Catelynn and talks to her about being a model for her clothing line. Amber was worried that Catelynn might feel bad about being a plus-sized model, but Catelynn seemed fine with everything. Amber then interviews several models for her fashion show and decides she likes them all.

Amber Portwood

Leah is playing with her cousin and he gets a little rough with her. She goes inside, and Kristina follows to check on her. However, she can’t get inside because Leah slammed the door and offset it. Gary tells her to lose her attitude. Amber is busy setting up her fashion show. Matt asks her if she’s ready for all this, and Amber says she’s nervous, but wants to move forward.

Leah Shirley

Amber and Matt meet with a possible venue for her fashion show. They pick a place that is a 21 and over locale. They aren’t sure how many people might show up, which would seem to make finding a venue a little tough.   Amber is sporting new pink hair though, which looks fun. Amber decides to do a photo shoot instead of a fashion show. Matt states that no one has any clue how hard they work all the time. Okay, Matt, if you say so.


Catelynn is getting her hair done and decides to go with a new color. Her mom April is there with her, and gets a whole new hair-do. Catelynn tells her mom that the getaway to Jackson Hole was awesome. April also compliments Cate on her communication skills with Tyler. Tyler and Butch are hanging out with Nova when Cate arrives back home. At least Nova is dressed, but still has that ratty hair.

Catelynn Baltierra

Tyler arrives at his old house where Butch is working. Tyler and Butch discuss how Butch is doing. Butch says he meets with a counselor once a week to help him stay sober. He will be off parole in six months. Butch shares that he was thinking about getting high, but decided he is done with that lifestyle.

Tyler and Cate are getting Nova dressed but she’s having none of that. Tyler fills Cate in on his visit with his dad. Wait, what is this? Cate actually combed and put Nova’s hair in a ponytail! Cate doesn’t seem too interested. I notice she has replaced the zebra hoodie of past days with a pullover hoodie in the last few episodes.

Tyler and Cate are headed to therapy and Butch is the babysitter. Or maybe Nova is the babysitter, I’m not entirely sure. They discuss their current relationship with their therapist and let her know that things are going well with parenting Nova. Tyler says Nova is just being a “terrible toddler”, but overall it’s fine. Cate admits that she is a pushover when it comes to parenting.

Next time on Teen Mom OG – Butch has apparently relapsed, Farrah and Debra are at each other again, Jen and Larry tell Mackenzie how important family is to them, and Amber tries on wedding dresses and freaks out. Until next time, Jersey out.

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  1. ColeAteMyCereal says:

    Amber tries on a wedding dress and freaks out….that probably shouldn’t be your first reaction if you’re marrying the right guy…

    I truely hope Mackenzie and Maci can build a good relationship. It’s clear Mack is trying really hard to get everyone to come together and be civil. It’s not her job to do that but it’s awesome she’s fitting into that role. I really like her.

    • JerseyGirl says:

      totally agree with both comments!

    • Jenelles Dramastic Change says:

      I agree, it isn’t her job but someone has to do it and it’s good that it isn’t someone who has been involved since day one and understands both sides of whatever issues they’re having.

  2. Hairstyles of the Rich & Alnost Fanous says:

    The only positive I have for this episode is that the lady playing Belle is excellent at her job. “Don’t worry, I have a carriage!”

  3. Nikki says:

    Farrah is awful. Amber is stupid. Maci is selfish. Catelynn is useless. That’s all I derived from this episode.

  4. Jenelles Dramastic Change says:

    I know everyone will disagree but when it comes to Bentley being asked where he wants to go, I kinda understand. I’m not sure if this is what everyone is thinking when they ask “who do you wanna go with?” But from my experience, when my mom would ask if I wanted to go stay with my dad for a weekend or stay home, it was because she didn’t want me to feel uncomfortable. Ryan never really attached to Bentley the way a dad should have and Bentley has clearly picked up on it. If there were times off camera where Bentley would be dropped off at Jen and Larrys when he’s supposed to be with Ryan (or Ryan just leave the house to go party) Bentley may not see the point in going to visit his dad if his dad isn’t even there.
    I get they shouldn’t ask him and just tell him where he’s going on what day and why and sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to and this is all just pure speculation on my part, but I kinda get it. Hopefully with Mack around, Ryan will become even more involved and hopefully Maci will see it and back off a bit.

    • Baby Daddy #3 says:

      I’ve heard similar sentiments. I disagree because Bentley is 8. He doesn’t get to call the shots. As long as no one is abusing or neglecting him, he should have a set schedule to spend with both parents until maybe 8th grade or HS.

      I got to say I no longer wanted to go to my dad’s anymore in 8th grade bc wtf y’all waited until 6th grade to get divorced. Custody arrangements are for 2 year olds. But i digress.

      I feel like as long as Maci adheres to set schedule, long term Bentley can say he either did/didn’t have a relationship with his dad bc his DAD sucked. Not bc mom guilt tripped him and he got to call the shots. But what do I know

    • Old lady says:

      I agree. I asked my children if they wanted to go to their father’s when they were young. He was a useless jerk, but they loved him.I let them go when they wanted to, didn’t make them when they wanted to stay with me.

    • Jenelles Dramastic Change says:

      I guess it all depends on everyone’s situstion. In mine it felt shitty going to my dads and him dumping me on my aunt. Even though I loved my cousins, I wanted to see my dad. BUT Ryan does seem a little more involved and I really hope it stays that way and gets better.

  5. Blah says:

    I think it’s great that Maci told Mack Bentley’s issue. He wants his dad, not his grandparents. I agree his parents are not helping ryan form a bond with his son. Maybe give ryan and Bentley an opportunity to bond instead of you to coming up with the daily itinerary. Then to find out she makes the kid sleep in the same bed with her.

    Don’t get me wrong I think they are amazing people but they need to allow their son the opportunity to raise his child the way he wants to. Bentley will be happier at Ryans house. I think Ryan agrees with Maci and Bentley on this…someone just needs the balls to say it’s time Bentley goes to his dad’s house on his dad’s weekends.

  6. Sophia's stripper pole says:

    Lulz on Farrah trying to protect Sophia from the internet. She should have thought about that before she “dated” James Deen.

    I think the whole Teem Mom series has run its course, but it has to stay on air at least until one of Sophia’s friends dares her to Google “back door teen mom”. Hilarity ensues!

    • Old lady says:

      I feel very sorry for Sophia. Her mother and grandparents are all kinds of crazy, and she really doesn’t have a chance! That said, as someone said earlier, she kind of scares me. Has some strange looks, and I think she’ll give Farrah a run for her money as a teenager!

      • Tyler's Great American Novel says:

        Same! Sophia just…scares me somehow. Like, seeing her on screen makes me nervous and I’m not sure why

  7. Confused thought she had money says:

    The only thing I could think about in this episode was the fact that Farrah had all her small dogs in one little crate! I get keeping dogs in a crate when you’re not home but when you have that many even tho they are small they deserve more space.

    • Sophia's stripper pole says:

      I haven’t noticed…does she still have that French Bulldog that she insisted on buying at the pet store when Sophia only wanted a fish?

      • El-ahrairah says:

        I believe she gave it to her neighbor. The older woman who was Farrah’s only couch scene friend for that season. I could be mistaken if she had more than one of those types of dogs.

  8. Jannette says:

    Farrah’s attitude is disgusting! She really should be ashamed of herself with the way she conducts herself, especially to both her parents! What kind of example is this for Sophia?! She’s going to grow up with that same sh*tty ass attitude like her mom, and probably treat Farrah the same way!

  9. Elly says:

    Does anyone know the artist/song title at the very end of this episode?
    Can’t find it anywhere!

  10. Nik says:

    Does anyone know the song at the very end of the episode or who sings it


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