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Good evening favorite readers! I can’t believe it’s already been a week. Lot of things happening in TM world, as we all know, which makes you really go “hmmm” at some of the things in this week’s episode.


Amber is working hard on her online boutique and has added a makeup line. Matt says they eat out every day because Amber is so busy, but now he is cooking dinner. Matt, if Amber is busy, that doesn’t stop you from cooking, does it? Amber goes to get a massage and plugs her business while there. Amber says Matt thinks she is taking on too much. Amber admits she is scared to get married, but Matt is very anxious to tie the knot.

Gary, Kristina, Leah and Emilee are out to eat. Gary makes Leah super uncomfortable by bringing up the “sex talk” she had at school. Leah clearly does not want to discuss this on camera (or probably at all over dinner). Gary persists and tells her that her mom taught him about sex. Really Gary?! On what planet was that an acceptable crack to make to your eight year old?? He’s completely inappropriate. Sorry, I know most people are Team Gary, but he creeps me out and always has.

Gary Shirley

“TFW you make your child super uncomfortable and don’t care”

Amber is talking about her make up line with Jose, her sales director. Matt is irritated that Jose is calling and taking up Amber’s time. You’d think he would be happy she would be making more money for him to spend. Amber totally calls him out on his poor behavior after she gets off the phone.

Amber Portwood

Jesus God, Matt!

Amber and her friend go to look at dresses for Annette’s upcoming wedding. Annette is getting married after being with her man for thirty-two years. Thirty-two YEARS! Wow. Amber is actually very supportive of her friend. She decides to try a wedding dress on. Amber and the producer talk about what holds her back, and Amber just looks pensive. She seems really sad talking about Matt and where her relationship stands. She admits that a lot of her depression was caused by Matt and his lies. She also says there is a definite lack of trust, even now. Amber freaks out while she has the dress on, and has what appears to be a panic attack. She doesn’t smile even once while looking at herself in the dress.

  Amber Portwood


Maci and Taylor discuss doing something together with Mackenzie and Ryan. Maci suggests an Escape Room date. I literally laughed out loud at the thought of Ryan in an Escape Room. Pretty sure he’d see it as a Nap Room. Maci reiterates again how much she likes Mackenzie. Maci can’t figure out how to make enough time for Bentley to see his parents and his grandparents. Really? Because I’m pretty sure this is not that hard of a thing to do. Millions of people manage this feat.

Maci calls to see if they are still on with Mackenzie and Ryan. Ryan does not answer, nor does Mackenzie. Larry asks Mackenzie how her lunch went with Maci. Mackenzie spills to Jen and Larry that Maci was talking smack about them at lunch. Ryan looks pleased at this turn of events. Larry is pretty outspoken and says that he may not be able to make decisions for Ryan, but he can for Bentley. Ryan says nothing to that, just stares at his phone. Ryan listens to his dad’s tirade for a bit, and then tells him to “tell her (Maci) then”.   Jen tells Larry to calm down. Mackenzie looks kind of smug at this turn of events. While I don’t think Maci should have thought Mackenzie was her new confidante, especially about Ryan’s parents, Mackenzie did throw Maci under the bus.   Not cool Mack, not cool.

Maci and Taylor go to the Escape Room by themselves. They are handcuffed together and must beat the timer and get out. They get more time by doing the Chicken Dance. They do manage to beat the game with eleven seconds to spare.   Taylor then goes to Jen and Larry’s to pick up Bentley, where Ryan and Mackenzie are still hanging out as well. It seems a little tense, but no one says anything to anyone, at least not on camera. Taylor tells Maci that pick up was fine. Bentley hangs out with Jayde and Maci. It is cute seeing Bentley and Jayde interact. Ryan and Mack discuss visitation. (Please wear your seatbelts, both of you!) Ryan would like more time with Bentley, but seems very reluctant to pursue it legally.

Bentley Edwards, Jayde McKinney


Tyler is playing with a clothed and groomed Nova when Butch calls him. Butch wants to talk to Dr. Drew, as he has relapsed again. Catelynn and Tyler discuss what this means and Tyler basically says it’s a “don’t ask, don’t tell, don’t worry” policy when it comes to Butch. They talk about how this was part of both of their childhoods and how hopeless it feels.

Tyler Baltierra

Tyler and Kim are having dinner and Catelynn is taking care of their new chickens. At least it looks like they actually have room to own farm animals. Tyler talks to his mom about Butch going to see Dr. Drew. Tyler seems glad that Butch is taking this step, but says he still can’t trust Butch. Kim tells Tyler to be more optimistic. Tyler just gives her the look.

Catelynn Baltierra

Butch and Dr. Drew have a FaceTime call. Butch tells him he relapsed on crack cocaine. Butch tells him it’s a full time job being an addict. Dr. Drew offers his words of wisdom to find a program and a sponsor and says some day Butch will be a great help to others.

Catelynn Baltierra, Tyler Baltierra

Cate and Nova (again, dressed and hair fixed!) are hanging out. Nova is super cute. Tyler and Butch are out to dinner and talking about Butch’s call with Dr. Drew. Tyler needs to realize he shouldn’t talk with food in his mouth and to chew with his mouth closed. Butch owns up to his past mistakes and says he understands if Tyler is hesitant to trust him again. Tyler tells him that he is still there for him.


Debra is back in Austin, but staying in a hotel. Farrah wants to talk to her mom about Debra’s fiancé David. Debra says they are setting a wedding date, and David is moving to Omaha soon. She’d like Farrah and Sophia to be at her wedding in Bora Bora. Farrah goes off on Debz about how much she doesn’t like David and that she won’t be around.

Farrah and Sophia are in Los Angeles and so are Debra and David. Farrah agrees to meet for dinner. It is the first time Sophia is meeting David. Debra is wearing her typical Forever 21 outfit and David, I just don’t even know. Is he trying to be a cross between Santa and Colonel Sanders? Debra says that she has been alone for ten years now. I thought her and Michael were together when Farrah was on “16 and Pregnant”? No? I could be wrong about that.   David tells the producers that he wants to work with Farrah so that they can be one big happy family. That’s probably a pipe dream, I hate to tell you.


Farrah and Sophia arrive for dinner. David brings Sophia a book about miniature horses. Sophia stirs a breadstick in her drink, and then announces she is full and lies down in Farrah’s lap. Farrah is already having issues with Nanny Fran and trashes her to her mom and David. Farrah says her plastic surgeon won’t even give her more injections because she looks so great. Debz says the nanny is fat and lazy and David tells her that is not very Christian. Even Farrah chuckles at that one. Debra tries to join in the nanny-bashing, but Farrah isn’t having any of that either. David goes between looking amused and horrified. Like pretty much everyone, actually.

Farrah Abraham

Farrah and Debz have another confrontation/discussion while Farrah is putting her face on. It’s the same old yakkity smackity talking; Farrah is completely rude and insulting and Deb tries hard to act like none of it is really happening.

Next time on Teen Mom OG – Maci makes a vague statement about if something ever happened to Bentley; Farrah and Deb have more crying time, Butch is hesitant to watch Nova, and Matt says he will not ever marry Amber.

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  1. Cate says:

    Every show on TV in the past little while has had the characters go to escape rooms. I’m tired of it…

  2. JC says:

    I don’t know, I feel like Ryan is one of those people that likes the idea of spending more time with his kid, but if he ever actually got more time, would be annoyed that he would have less time to do his own things. Ya know, like napping and being on his phone.

  3. chelseas annoying baby voice says:

    I have a feeling Tyler is the one that actually dresses Nova and combs her hair whereas Cate is content having Nova run around with only a diaper on and wild hair…

    • Leah's Meth Pipe says:

      That makes sense. I mean most of the time Ty Ty looks like he’s spent more time doing his hair and getting dressed than Cate has. She’s a mess.

  4. chelseas annoying baby voice says:

    Also… Jesus God Leah what is Amber waiting for?. If she is depressed and unhappy because he is a lying cheating conman just dump him already..

    Forget about your ego for once and dump him.

  5. -A says:

    Matt must be incredibly jealous of Jose, why else would he be asking why he was calling again and stand there and hover over the phone call. I’m glad Amber called him out on it.

    Maci it was good to see her try and do something with Mack and Ryan. I don’t think its cool that Mack went and told Jen and Larry what was said. You could tell that she loved them being upset with Maci and thinking she was the greatest thing.

    Cate where did the chickens/roosters come from? At least Nova was dressed part of this episode. And good for Butch for admitting his shortcomings on relapsing and seeking help.

    Farrah she’s upset with the nanny for whatever reason but good to see her telling her mom not to talk about her like that. Why oh why was she doing that to poor Sophia’s hair, it has curl to it and would look better if it wasn’t brushed out.

  6. Dramastical Changes says:

    So disappointed in Mackenzie for starting unnecessary drama with Jen and Larry and trying to convince Ryan that he really needs to fight for more time. He is a big boy and can figure out what he wants to do on his own. I really liked her…maybe her true colors are beginning to show. Farrah is still just as mean hateful as ever.

    • JC says:

      But on the other hand, why would Maci bitch about Ryan’s parents to his girlfriend? What in the world made her think that was a good idea? Did she really expect her to keep it all a secret? I’m pretty sure that anyone else in Mackenzie’s position would have done the same thing eventually.

  7. Bacon Slaps says:

    Amber, Amber, Amber… I really hope she realizes that Matt is an awful person that is using her, and I hope she kicks him to the curb.

  8. Leah's Meth Pipe says:

    I’m all for Mackenzie speaking about Saint Maci. Jen and Larry have done so much for her and she treats them like shit. They should know what she says about them. They’ve always bent over backwards for her in fear she will stop them seeing bentley. Maci knows she has that power over them and she loves it.


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