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Hello Teen Mom OG readers! Thank you for being here another week and reading my recap of our favorite girls. And happy anniversary to our lovely El who keeps this site up and running. She’s the best!


Tyler and Cate talk about picking up and moving to LA. Maybe they could be neighbors with Farrah! Well, probably not. After talking about it for a few minutes, they decide to fly out to Los Angeles and check it all out.

Tyler BaltierraNova Baltierra
Catelynn and Tyler are in LA to check things out. The first place they look at is over $1 million. They realize that isn’t happening. They decide to look at properties in Michigan for a non-boring house. I’ve lived many places in my life, and not sure any of them were boring or exciting. But, that’s just me.

Catelynn Baltierra

Tyler and Cate drive by the house in Michigan that they are thinking about buying because it’s non-boring and they must love to pack up their stuff and move it since they just moved into their current house not long ago. They both love the new house. Catelynn and Tyler discuss buying the new house. Tyler wants to put an offer in right away. Cate is supportive of that plan. Tyler calls the realtor. They want to put the offer in, sight unseen.


Amber is having doubts about marrying Matt. She is also busy sparring with her producer, MMA style. Gary is hard at work on his new farm. Gary talks to Kristina about inviting “Portwood” over to their new place for Easter, for Leah’s sake. Kristina is fine with it. I swear her and Leah are the most mature people on this show. There’s a flashback to Gary dressed up as the Easter Bunny.

Emilee Shirley

Matt and Amber show up for Easter, which they are celebrating during the week? Amber tells Gary that his new house is much nicer than his old house. Amber and Kristina leave to go get Leah from school. Amber asks Kristina why she left her ex for Gary. Um, Amber?! Boundaries, get ya some. Amber then bashes Gary and tries to get Kristina to do so as well. To Kristina’s credit, she does not. Leah is very happy to see both of them in the van at pickup time.

Kristina Shirley, Emilee Shirley

Amber asks Gary if she can have Leah on a weeknight and take her to school. He is still not having that. Gary says they are “getting there” and Amber asks him why they are still just getting there after four years. He doesn’t really answer that, at least not on camera. They all go outside to have an Easter egg hunt. Amber is a little uptight at the egg hunt about Leah’s performance. Amber is still upset about not being able to take Leah on a weeknight but Matt points out that they all live a lot closer to each other now.

Amber Portwood

Gary and Kristina talk about the Easter get together. Kristina is supportive of the four of them hanging out more. Gary is coming around to letting Amber have Leah through the week. Amber is upset by the current rumor about Matt cheating on her. Matt leaves, driving the Mamber car. Wait, I thought that was Amber’s car?! Amber is tired of having to figure out what is true when it comes to Matt.


Maci and Jayde count to five together, which is really cute. Maci is still debating (on this show) about confronting Ryan about his drug use. She is worried about Bentley seeing all the stuff with Ryan being strung out later on. Maci is worried about stepping on Mackenzie’s toes.

Maci McKinney

Mackenzie and her mom meet Jen and Larry for lunch. Mack’s mom sounds exactly like her. Jen asks about wedding planning and Mack invites her to go dress shopping with them. Mack’s mom talks about how great Ryan is to Mack. Larry points out that Mackenzie is great to Ryan. Mackenzie has several friends with her to look at wedding dresses. She wants something “over the top”. Later, Ryan and Mackenzie talk about her wedding dress, but she won’t tell him what it looks like. Ryan seems very subdued.

Ryan Edwards

Maci calls a substance abuse counselor to get advice on talking to Ryan and his family about his drug problem. The counselor helps Maci walk through some possible ways to talk to Ryan about getting help. She does seem sad that it has come to this. Maci talks to Taylor about her call to the counselor and what she needs to do to try and help Ryan. Taylor is supportive and kind. Maci is really sad and scared.

Maci McKinney


Farrah and Sophia are at Debs in Iowa prior to heading to Key West for a family vacation. Dr. David is there as well, who is about as big of fan of Farrah’s as she is of him. They pray before the meal, during which Farrah rolls her eyes, while they’re closed. That’s talent! Dr. David tells Farrah that he had intended to give Debz an engagement ring the last time he was in LA, but he didn’t have a chance. He has made that right, now, though. Debz asks Farrah to be her maid of honor which Farrah says it’s a lot of responsibility on her. Deb wants the wedding to be in Bora Bora.

Farrah Abraham

Debz, Farrah and Sophia are go-carting.   Dr. David has declined to partake in that activity. Farrah asks her mom the timeline for the wedding. Debra says that Dr. David is still living in Michigan. Farrah is so rude.

Farrah and family are in Key West, and Farrah is aggravated with David. Farrah is irritated that he is watching golf and didn’t put a lid on the guacamole. Farrah is really uptight about that guacamole. Poor Sophia plays alone in the pool while Debz and Farrah bicker about dip. Farrah says Dr. David is a creep. Farrah also says that Simon will be showing up later. Farrah admits that she is letting Simon be there to spite her mom since she doesn’t like David. Whooo. There just really aren’t enough words here.

Farrah Abraham

Debz and Farrah talk more about Debz’ wedding. Debra wants to make sure Sophia has fun in the wedding. Debz doesn’t want to have a boring wedding. Maybe she should contact Cate and Tyler about finding a non-boring house! Simon arrives and makes himself at home. Deb tries to talk to David but he’s busy watching TV. Simon tells Farrah that she should be more supportive of her mom’s wedding. Simon then states that David hates Farrah. Why would he even tell her that?

Next time on Teen Mom OG – Cate and Tyler buy their non-boring farmhouse, Maci faces talking to Ryan about his substance abuse issues, Farrah and Deb have another confrontation and Amber talks about breaking up with Matt. It’s also the Finale for the season, can you believe it?! Until next week, jersey out.

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  1. Sophia's stripper pole says:

    After the “Teen Mom” money train stops, my bet is that Cate and Ty are the first ones to end up flat broke right after Amber. Putting in an offer on a house sight unseen. What morons!

  2. Just thinkin says:

    So I cannot believe it but I am about to slightly defend Farrah. God help me. I think she paid for the rental house in Key West. I would of been offended if my mom’s fiance was ignoring everyone. He was even ignoring the incredible Deb. It was kind of lame behavior. I think Farrah was out of line saying he should have a job already. She has no clue that being a Dr and moving is not easy, it’s not easy for most careers. Simon gave her great advice but she will not accept it. I think part of her behavior is fueled to get more reality tv jobs. Easy money for her.

    Did anyone catch Cate say plus it will be nice to get away. How many trips do these 2 go on. They went on Tys BD trip, then Cates, now LA. Agree first to go broke.

    • JerseyGirl says:

      oh I think David was rude and weird in Key West; I was referring more to Farrah’s rudeness at snapping at her mom about being the maid of honor and talking over her constantly. If she doesn’t want to be part of the wedding, that’s fine, but her attitude is just horrible.

      • Hairstyles of the Rich & Alnost Fanous says:

        And her weirdo response, like she was an alien impersonating a human, but not quite getting it right: “That’s a lot of responsibility on the maid of honor. I’ll certainly be understanding that.” Or whatever tf she actually said. Not “yes,” “no,” or “let me think about it before I commit.” She made it all about her.

      • Yepisaidit says:

        Have you looked him up? Very bad reviews as a doctor. Debra is a Waco plain and simple. Farrah is out of control…as Lin as she’s the center of attention abusing everyone she’s happy. Hell she don’t mind paying for their presence just to abuse them!!!

    • -A says:

      I agree on the part about them saying it will be nice to get away. Like you said this is at least the 3rd trip they’ve taken or at least that has been shown this season. No telling how many haven’t been shown.

  3. #LifeAfterLeah says:

    Cate & Ty: You don’t need another trip to “get away” you legit leave your kid with a “recovering” drug addict every month so what is it you need to get away from? yourselves? Plus at this point isn’t all the promotional stuff for TM starting and the reunion specials and what not? Your only setting Nova up for failure letting her get so attached to Butch…um Tyler your still seeking counseling for it in your late 20s! I’m just gonna say it; the TM checks have come in again right? why else would you be dropping money you don’t have?

    Porkwood: I have mad respect for Gary and Kristina for even wanting to be in the same vicinity with Mamber let alone in the same house or car. Ambie is super freaking out of line with her questions regarding Kristina’s life and relationship. Maybe Ambs is fishing for some details to help her think that it wasn’t just her and Gary deserved to be beat? I’m too petty personally to deal with all that jazz. Matt would have been picking her up beside the road or I would have at least checked the brakes or something. Kristina is an angel for real, along with Miranda. Oh and Amber, maybe the reason that you can’t get Leah through the week is because you already can’t make your scheduled visits on the weekends! Why would Gary let Leah stay at your house and let Matt get her up and take her to school. For real Amber, you have not proven yourself to be a good mother.

    Maci: Though her intentions seem good she needs to take a giant step back. Im super offended for Makenzie that Maci is offering to “be his support.” Um no bitch, his support system needs to be Makenzie. I know its hard for Maci to believe but Ryan has moved on and Maci is nothing but a bitch to him. Personally I feel the only reason she is offering her support is because she knows for sure this time that she lost Ryan and is trying to keep a connection with him. What she needed to do was talk to Jen and Larry tell them she had proof or whatever of drug use; talk to Makenzie and tell her the same and then tell them ALL that if something doesn’t happen she will be returning to court over the issue. Then leave it in his family’s hands! If nothing happened then go to court.

    Farrah: I really think Dr. David just doesn’t have time for Farrah’s drama and isn’t going to become another enabler. I can understand why he doesn’t like Farrah, nobody likes Farrah…I’m sure Farrah doesn’t even like Farrah. She is not a nice person and is really really hard to like. Freaking Kendra Wilkenson doesn’t even like her and Kendra is like a really chill person! I have no time for her right now, after watching all the crap on Family Bootcamp last week.

  4. ColeAteMyCereal says:

    C &T- they still seem so immature and no direction in life. I feel bad for them sometimes and sometimes I just don’t like them. FYI I too live in MI and there are lots of opportunities to be “creative” here too…

    Farrah- she can be rude and I’m not saying I’m ok with it but with her mom and the doc I kind of get it. He’s an asshole and her mom is paychotic. I also love Simon.

    Amber- can’t stand her. I don’t care what happens with her and Matt. Neither of them are good people. Thank goodness her daughter has a stable primary home with a dad and step mom who love her and do things I’m sure they don’t want to for her happiness.

    Maci- I get she wants to help Ryan but he does have a wife now to be his support, and if she’s not supportive it’s not Macis job to fill that void. She does have every right to tell Ryan she’s concerned about his behavior and take things to court if he doesn’t get it together. They’ll request drug testing and even if she gets full rights and his rights are terminated that doesn’t mean she has to totally cut him out of bentleys life. She can or can’t mention it to Jen and Larry- it’s up to her but it isn’t their business. She’s in a tough spot.

  5. Kesha is my Idol says:

    “Gary is coming around to letting Amber have Leah through the week.” If Amber has been moaning that it’s been four years and nothing is changing, why doesn’t she take Gary to court for more time. Or is this going to drag on forever like Jenelle and Barbara? Like if she truly wanted the time would she not try to set something more in motion so that she could have Leah on weeknights? Or is this just one of those, I don’t want this every week cause that’s too much responsibility (which is what would happen if this was court) but I’ll do it once every five years cause that’s all I can handle?

    • ColeAteMyCereal says:

      Exactly! If she’s going to complain about it- why not just go to court? Oh yeah- cause her fiancé has a drug problem? Cause Gary might ask for drug testing? Cause she’s not taking advantage of the time she does get? I have no respect for THAT WOMAN and hope Leah grows up normal and happy in life.

  6. Leah's Meth Pipe says:

    I think Farrah is jealous because Debz is getting married before her.
    C&T probably just don’t want to clean their house, so they move. I wonder how their bank balance is looking.
    Maci needs to stay out of it. She doesn’t want Rhine to have anything to do with her life, so she should have the same attitude towards his. Do what needs to be done to keep Bentley safe, but it’s not her job to be ringing councillors and wondering how to approach him. It’s his parents and wife’s job.

  7. Tyler's Great American Novel says:

    Off topic but did you guys here that Adam Lind is being accused of killing Taylor’s dogs??

    • Jace and kaiser's family therapist says:

      Yea I read that. He also lost custody of his second daughter cause he failed a third drug test

  8. -A says:

    Cate – it must be nice to be able to go just go wherever you want whenever you want. The amount of time these people “take breaks” or “need to getaway” is ridiculous. Parents that actually work a real job and take care of their kids don’t have this luxury or time to do so.

    Farrah – get some freakin’ saran wrap or foil and cover the guacamole its no that difficult. Also your kid is in the pool stay out there with her at least Sophia had enough common sense to sit on the pool steps while she was out there alone (at least that’s what it showed).

    Maci – I agree that Rhine needs help and good for you for getting the information needed to help however y’all aren’t exactly friends so he’s probably not going to listen but I do think she should be able to be there with Larry, Jen, and Mack when something is said to him since she’s Bentley’s mother to be his voice.

    Amber – It was good to see everyone together for Leah. I was really uncomfortable with Amber asking Kristina how they do it. And I agree if she is wanting to have Leah during the week they need to go to court and get it in writing but if she’s not making her weekends why even ask that question.


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