Teen Mom OG | Season 6 Episode 27 RECAP | Truth Be Told

Hello gracious readers! Sorry for the delay, I had some issues with the Internet due to a recent move. Unlike Cate and Ty, I definitely do not enjoy packing up my stuff and moving it and unpacking it. I heard this was a wild episode, so here we go!


Taylor and Bentley are playing ball together while Maci talks to her friend Keelie. Maci says she tried to talk to Ryan, but he didn’t respond to her. Maci had not reached out to Jen and Larry, feeling that they are in denial. She also isn’t comfortable talking to Mackenzie about Ryan’s drug use.

Maci keeps trying to talk to Ryan, who just keeps ignoring her calls and texts. Mackenzie is planning a quickie wedding while Ryan is in the garage. Mackenzie states that they are going to get married that day so that Ryan can pursue his legal rights with Bentley. Mackenzie says they aren’t telling anyone but their parents. Of course, I am pretty sure that lasted about five minutes before the news outlets had the story. Ryan says that he is “so ready” to get married. He wants to bolt off and get a haircut and snaps at Mack to just call him on the phone. She gives him a total “mom look” and he apologizes and settles down. It’s really hard to watch Ryan in this scene, he is obviously on whatever drug and barely in the conversation. Ryan heads out to get his haircut, which is of course, endangering himself and others on the roadway. Mack mutters something as he leaves that sounded like “god what a fuck-up” to me. WHY would you marry someone if you felt that way about them on your wedding day?!

Ryan Edwards

Mackenzie talks to the wedding dress shop owner to find an alternative to her real wedding dress, which she will wear for their “real” wedding in November. She finds something and heads back out. Ryan does tell Mack that she looks beautiful when he sees her in her dress. They get in the car to go to get married. Ryan wants to stop and get a bow tie, even though they are already late for the ceremony. He is clearly high, and not sure why Mack would have let him drive anywhere?! She asks him why he is swerving and he says he can’t keep his eyes open because of the sunlight. Neither are wearing seatbelts either. Mack keeps punching him to wake him up. She looks angry, but obviously not angry enough to demand that he stop the car. I am just…I don’t even know what I am. I am simultaneously appalled, heartbroken and scared. Mack turns the MTV cameras off. She asks him if he took Xanax again and he states that he doesn’t have any.

Mackenzie Edwards, Ryan EdwardsRyan EdwardsMackenzie Edwards, Ryan Edwards

Maci calls the counselor back and tells him that she tried to reach out to Ryan but got nowhere. She admits that she has been very consumed by Ryan’s problems and that she should have done something sooner. The counselor advises her to set boundaries with Ryan. Bentley asks Maci if he is going to Mimi Jen’s that weekend and she says no. Bentley is snacking on a Lunchable, which as we all know, would get Leah blasted. (Since I mentioned Leah, here’s a picture that just popped up in my memories of my little granddaughter Katelynn hanging out with Leah and the girls several years ago-Leah was really sweet to Kate)

Leah Messer

Ryan and Mack have arrived safely to the ceremony. Larry asks how they are going to tell Bentley about the wedding and they say that they are not. Jen is having a breakdown about “the most important people” not being there. Well, that may be but I see that Ryan and Mackenzie did bring their dog. Mack just looks over it all. The officiant arrives and the ceremony begins. Ryan leaves his sunglasses on, but he is clearly still out of it. Doesn’t that invalidate their marriage? Anyway, the ceremony concludes and Mackenzie looks relieved that Ryan got through it without passing out. Larry and Jen are just sort of in the background, not even standing together. Jen cries harder, and I think it is not so much because her baby boy just got married. I do feel for her.


Cate and Tyler are still waiting to hear back about their new dream house. They take Nova to preschool and head back home to hold down their couch. Tyler even says “what are we supposed to do?” Um, get a JOB? What a novel idea. Instead Cate decides to go to the stables and Tyler is going to check out fabrics for their clothing line.

Tyler Baltierra
Cate arrives at the stables to learn everything about horses. She would like to work at the stable Monday, Wednesday and Fridays to learn how to take care of the horse she wants to buy.

Catelynn Balterria
Cate is back from the stables and tells Tyler what a great time she had. Tyler is busy sketching clothes for their business. They have also bought and lost ducks, possibly to a predator, possibly they just escaped. They go out to check on the chickens and collect their eggs. Tyler is encouraging towards Cate’s desire to lease a horse. Cate feels riding horses is what she should be doing. They are then happy to see their ducks are alive, well, at least three of the four.

Catelynn Baltierra, Tyler Baltierra

Cate and Tyler put Nova to bed, where there is a large unpacked box on the changing table attached to her crib. They get a call from the realtor and find out that the offer was accepted on their Dream House. Cate goes through some old pictures. They also reminiscence about all the houses that they have lived in. Tyler and Catelynn tell each other how proud they are of each other.


Farrah is still in Key West and irritated that Dr. David is not making much of an effort to participate. She asks her mother to relay a request for him to go kayaking, even though they are clearly in the same house. David doesn’t want to go and looks positively stoned. Simon and David stand on the pier while Debz, Farrah and Sophia kayak. Dr. David is weird, that’s a definite.

Sophia Abraham
Debz tells Simon about her upcoming wedding and he offers to be the ring boy. I do think he’s mostly a jerk, but I have to admit, there are times I really like him. Later, Debz, Farrah, Sophia, and Simon go to get pedicures. Dr. David is nowhere around. Debra asks Sophia what would make the wedding the most fun and Sophia votes for Mexican food. I’m with her! Tamales for everyone! Simon says he’ll go to the wedding if Farrah lets him. Farrah tells Deb she is not happy about Debz marrying David because he is rude and hates her. Simon throws some shade at Farrah and she replies that she is the easiest person to get along with. The conversation ends with Debz in tears and saying that she wishes that she didn’t exist. Poor Sophia is sitting right there while Debra has a temper tantrum. Finally, Farrah says maybe Sophia should step outside.

Farrah AbrahamSimon Saran

Simon, Sophia and Farrah meet Debz and David at a Key Lime Pie shop. However, Debz does not want to join Farrah and Company. She is unhappy that Farrah and David can’t get along. She feels in the middle of everything and everyone’s problems. David is planning on cooking a family meal. I actually agree with Farrah that it’s very weird behavior.
Farrah Abraham
David is back at the house making a family dinner. Sophia is outside swimming in the pool and at least this time Simon and Farrah are out there as well. Farrah and Simon try to talk to David about the wedding and he acts sort of like Ryan, just checked out of the whole situation. Farrah asks David where he sees his relationship with her and he states that he has no relationship with her. He says simply that parents are to be respected. Um, David, you’re not her parent. He then says he just wants Farrah to respect her mother. David then throws out the “I’m a doctor” statement. Debz then adds to the drama by saying she’s just going to go die. I didn’t see Sophia in this scene and I really hope that she wasn’t subjected to more of that nonsense, although pretty sure it’s just a typical day in her life.


Gary, Kristina and Gary’s brother Robert are talking about Amber’s current situation. Amber and Matt are in LA, together, even though Amber is hurt by all the cheating rumors. Amber is talking to Kailyn about her possible wedding and she isn’t sure they will make it to the altar. Kail seems hopeful that they will work it out. I don’t know that Kailyn is the best person to go to for relationship advice, however.

Amber Portwood

Amber received a text from a girl saying that Matt tried to sleep with her. Matt offers to take a lie detector test. Amber tells the producer that Matt has spent her money and the bills and house are in both their names. Amber says she is really just done. She is also sad for Leah, since Leah is very attached to Matt.

Matt is going to take a polygraph test but wants to talk to Amber first. Matt actually has the nerve to ask Amber if she is going to apologize and be nice to him if he passes the test. Amber talks to the polygraph administrator and tells him that she is just tired of the lies. Matt and Amber get his polygraph results. He fails the part of the polygraph test where he was asked if he made sexual advances towards someone. Amber freaks out and Matt tries to clarify what exactly it was he would have said. The producer and security comfort her. Matt tries to approach her but security hustles her away. He can’t figure out why she is so upset since he passed the direct questions about cheating and just failed the vague one. He states “I win” but not sure what that meant.

Amber Portwood

Amber is talking about the breakup with the producer and how this is going to affect Leah. She is clearly distraught and blames herself. Matt calls her but she doesn’t pick up.

Whew that’s it . This was an emotional season and especially emotional episode. Thank you again for reading my recaps and all the comments. And thank you to El who maintains this awesome website. I’ll be back when Teen Mom 2 picks up in July. Jersey out!

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  1. Baby Daddy #3 says:

    1. How do people get the teen mom’s number?
    2. I feel like Farrah would be prettier if she didn’t overdo her lips.. and breasts.. and did she change her jawline?

  2. Tyler's Great American Novel says:

    I feel like everytime C+T use a term of endearment for each other it comes off as…passive agressive or condescending?

    Like when Tyler said the ducks probably were eaten by a hawk, “honey.” What they actually seem to want to say is “you idiot.”

    Maybe I just hate the two of them too much to hear it any other way.

  3. -A says:

    Great recap yet again, thank you!

  4. chelseas annoying baby voice says:

    Anyone else think that when Mimi Jen said ‘the most important people aren’t here’ she also meant Maci?

  5. Nikki says:

    Everytime I see that picture of Ryan in the car, it freaks me out. He looks like he’s minutes away from dying. Still cannot believe MTV did not step in and stop the driving.

  6. Leah's Meth Pipe says:

    Wow! What an episode! We are a few weeks behind in aus though. We only just had the Puerto Rico episode. Wasn’t that weird?
    Anyway, the real story here is that, Jersey is a gramma-say WHAT?? AND you met Leah and the girlses?!?! Do tell more about that!!

    • JerseyGirl says:

      LOL yes, I’m a grandma 🙂

      I didn’t meet Leah and the girls, but my daughter and granddaughter did. Leah was really really nice to my granddaughter and let her play with the girlses!

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