Teen Mom OG | Season 7 Episode 1 RECAP | The Icing on a Cake of Lies

Welcome back my favorite readers!  It’s time to start yet another season with the Teen Mom OG.  Looks like another exciting season.  Or drama-filled season.  Or some type of season!  Thank you again for being loyal to this site and reading/commenting.  I do appreciate all of you.

All the girls are in NY to film the Teen Mom OG reunion show as this episode opens. Farrah, naturally, is segregated from the other three.  I, for one, am glad there are only four girls on this show.


Amber is totally Team Maci at the reunion and tells Mackenzie exactly how she feels about her. When it is Amber’s turn to talk to Dr. Drew, she blasts Matt, who is on the phone. Afterwards, Maci returns the support, as does Catelynn.  It is kind of nice to see how tight these three girls really seem to be.

Amber stays in New York for a few extra days to avoid going home to Matt. You can tell Amber is fed up with Matt, but she is also hurting.

Gary and Kristina discuss the fact that Leah is hearing things about her parents’ relationship. Gary wants to be open and frank with Leah rather than having Leah hear things second-hand. Gary is also worried about Leah being around Matt now that the relapse has been confirmed. Amber opts to go on a podcast with a psychic to determine what she should do about her relationship with Matt.  The psychic does say she feels there will be a second child in Amber’s life. Of course, she also says she feels Amber will marry Matt.  Spoiler alert, she does not.

Amber is back in Indiana. She is going to confront Matt and isn’t sure how that will go. Amber and Matt talk and Matt looks rough. Amber just looks done. Amber points out that she is the one who has had to deal with Matt’s lies. She calls him out about his flip comments. Amber tells him that she is not even thinking about marrying Matt at this point, or being engaged. He seems stunned by that.


Farrah is having a birthday party for herself post-reunion. She has invited her mom, but not her mom’s fiancé.  Debz and Dr. David discuss her non-relationship with Farrah.  What is even going on with Dr. David’s hair?!  Deb breaks down talking about how she misses Farrah, but still has God.

Farrah talks to Sophia about her plans for after the show, since Farrah will be having her party.  She shows her friend a card from her mom and seems butthurt that it is only from Deb, not Dr. David, however, I’m sure if David had signed it, Farrah would have bitched about that. Farrah then stops by to say something snarky to Dr. David.  Don’t get me wrong, I think Dr. David is pretty creepy, but Farrah is just a spoiled brat.

Farrah’s party is underway and Debz is just happy to be there. Debz wants Farrah to give a speech. Farrah looks perturbed at all of it. She tells her mom that she feels Dr. David is fake.  David then tries to have a conversation with Michael who gives David some advice about how to talk to Farrah. David is not receptive to this advice. David tells Michael to have Farrah seek therapy.

Farrah is at Froco in Austin and Michael wants to talk to her about what happened with Dr. David at the party. At least Farrah does leave Sophia out of this conversation. Michael tells Farrah that David tried to corner him about Farrah and about Michael’s past and almost got physical. Farrah tells her father to just ignore David. Of course, because it’s Farrah, it takes her about six hundred words to say those three.


Maci is a little worried about the reunion as Mackenzie will be there as well. Maci has not spoken to Mack since Ryan went to rehab. Maci has only told Bentley that Ryan is off working on himself.  Dr. Drew talks to Mackenzie about Ryan’s issues while Mackenzie wears what appears to only be a shirt on national television.  Yikes!  The mom part of me says “Put some pants on, girl!” A flashback of Mackenzie’s total bitchy letter-reading to Maci is shown.

Maci is driving with the kids. Bentley wants Maci to look at something, but Maci states she can’t because she’s driving, although she’s also on her phone. Great role-model behavior. Mackenzie is on her way to see Ryan and discusses her fears with her friend Dallas, who is not the same Dallis that Ryan was previously with.  It is amazing to me how these girls all have really nice cars and don’t have Bluetooth to have hands-free phone usage. My Kia Soul has hands-free Bluetooth.  Just sayin’.

The MTV cameras were not allowed in Ryan’s rehab facility. Mackenzie later talks to the MTV producer and says Ryan told her he was using three times a day, at roughly $10,000 a week.  What?!  So, Mackenzie was living with him, and didn’t realize this but had the balls to blast Maci for not doing something about it? She also claims that one word “Maci” is Ryan’s biggest trigger to using. Oh, give me a freaking break!!  They haven’t been together for years, he has been with several other women, he has made pretty much zero effort when it comes to Bentley while Maci has been the day-to-day parent and SHE is his trigger?! I’m going to go ahead and call bullshit on that one.

Maci talks to the producer and says she hasn’t heard anything from/about Ryan. She states that she would take Bentley to see Ryan, if she had any information. She is not sure he will kick the habit with just a thirty-day rehab stay. She is determined to protect Bentley no matter what.


Catelynn and Tyler are back in Michigan post-reunion and picking up the keys to their new house. Wait, didn’t they just move into a new house last season? Oh, maybe this is the farmhouse? I can’t remember, honestly. They haven’t seen Butch in a while.  Butch is off parole currently. Butch is having anxiety and panic attacks but wants to come see Catelynn and Tyler and Nova. Tyler feels Butch is using again.

Catelynn is off to buy a horse to help with her anxiety. She is very excited. They also have a baby goat. I am not sure if they had that before or just chickens. Catelynn states that “animals are her passion.” Her and Tyler love on the baby goat, while Nova is…well, who knows, maybe inside napping, because she sure wasn’t outside with them.

Butch does show up. He is impressed with the goat. Butch and Tyler discuss the renovations needed at the new house. Butch states that he will be going to church to get his spirituality right. He then admits that he has not been staying clean. Tyler plays it off, but I’m sure his heart is breaking. Butch claims he wants to stop using.  Tyler looks skeptical, but says he’s there for Butch.

Catelynn and Tyler discuss Butch later. Tyler is basically done at this point. He loves his dad, but he is just over the drug usage.

Next time on Teen Mom OG – Matt and Amber’s relationship continues to deteriorate, Farrah states that she took her mom out of her will because of David, Catelynn is thinking about stopping her birth control and Ryan returns home from rehab.


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  1. Grace says:

    I call total bullshit on Sophia not wanting to be around her grandmother… we see her ASK to see Deb, and Farrah is the one who says no. Way to teach your daughter to hate someone because you do.

  2. ZKelz says:

    Amber is not doing herself any favors with her hair pulled into that topknot. She needs more volume on top of that noggin.

    • chelseas annoying baby voice says:

      I agree. Doesn’t suit her because she has a ‘full face’ (me too btw). I think Amber looked the prettiest with the long purple-ish hair.

  3. Nikki says:

    Farrah is a bitch as usual trying to use Sophia to control Deb. Dr David…wow..he is creepy as hell. I loved it when Amber said you’re a cunt to Mackenzie! She was right.

  4. chelseas annoying baby voice says:

    Lol and six months later she’s preggo from another dude and HE GOT MARRIED this week to a single mom of 2 daughters.. She says he is already really active in the girls lives apparently.

    About Sophia: Why is that girls hair never ‘done’ as in braids or a ponytail or bangs or even a headband to prevent Sophia’s hair covering her face or etc? She has the prettiest hair but at points in the past seasons it looked barely brushed. I also think her hair is ‘weighing her down’ (it looks like she has quite thick hair) if you know what I mean. She might benefit from a haircut.

    Maybe Sophia doesn’t want her hair done or touched but you would think that Farrah, who looks groomed to the nines in almost every scene, would take more effort to ensure Sophia looks just as well..

    • chelseas annoying baby voice says:

      Afterthought on Sophia (sorry, I’m bit in a judgmental state as of late, hey that rhymes lol)…

      Anyone else think she is going to run for the hills and cut contact with both her mother and grandmother when she is grown up and out of the house.

      I am sure she is loved very much but there is so much ‘ NEGATIVITY’ (totally wrote and read that in Farrah’s voice lol surrounding her all the time.

      I know stuff might be scripted BUT it is like Farrah can’t seem to have a normal conversation with Deb or anyone else without resorting to insults and a bitchy attitude.

      Her convos with Deb are especially cringeworthy to watch.There was this time her mom asked Farrah ‘ How was your birthday?’ and she replied with ‘ WE DON’T NEED TO TALK ABOUT MY BIRTHDAY, MOM’.
      Like how difficult is it to say ‘ Great!’ or ‘ Had a good time’.

      There is only so much negativity a person can take and I suspect that by the time Sophia is grown up she’ll be sick of it.

    • Baby Daddy #3 says:

      I assume she’s one of those kids who just doesn’t like her hair touched. I would expect Farrah to care, but remember that Sophia “does her own thing.” So i wonder if how she styles (or doesn’t) her hair is part of her independence.

      Or that’s how Farrah justifies it. As a parent, I imagine I’d be pretty lazy tbh.

      • chelseas annoying baby voice says:

        I forgot about Sophia doing her own thing at 4 years old. It is about time MY 4 year old son does the same and starts to pull his weight around here! 😂

        Tbh, I know I judge Farrah here but I would be totally crap myself at doing a little girl’s hair.

        • Baby Daddy #3 says:

          Yea I babysit for this family and their daughter has super kinky hair. To manage it, they try to comb it but she cries.

          So from the outside it looks like she’s wearing this teeny weeny Afro that no one cares about (no pigtails, no braids, anything) but really they’re just managing it the way one might manage a boy’s hair of the same texture. Plus, she cries.

          In short, I don’t judge them. Farrah & Sophia tho… I can’t imagine Farrah not just yelling at Sophia to suck it up. But she actually has never been unkind to Sophia on the show so maybe that’s unfair. She definitely treats Sophia better than UBT treats Kaiser


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