Teen Mom OG | Season 7 Episode 2 RECAP |This Is Gonna End Badly

Hello again Teen Mom peeps!  I am a little late getting to this, and didn’t realize there are two episodes, so I’ll likely do one now and one the next day.  Without further ado, and without screenshots, as I could not get it to play on my computer, I give you this week’s recap.


Maci has not heard anything about Ryan’s departure date from rehab. Maci and Bentley are hanging out. Mackenzie is at her rental house near Ryan’s rehab. She is anxious for him to be released. Ryan only completed 21 days instead of 30. Ryan and Mack leave rehab, neither of course, wearing a seatbelt. At least Mack is smart enough to be the driver this time.

Ryan and Mackenzie are getting ready to head back to Tennessee. Ryan states that he didn’t leave rehab “early” he just graduated early. Um okay. I hope for the best for him, but I am not sure 21 days was enough. Ryan says the first four days in rehab were rough and that he is supposed to handle his own aftercare plan. He does acknowledge that he needed help and thanks Mackenzie for sticking by him.

Ryan is back in town and texting Maci about seeing Bentley. Ryan still seems a little tweeky, but says he is trying to get back to normal. He is anxious to see Bentley and doesn’t understand why Maci won’t cooperate with him. Ryan says Maci is too hard on Bentley because he has chores at eight years old.  Hate to break it to you Ryan, but that’s really normal and not a bad thing at all. Jen certainly never made Ryan do anything like that.  You don’t say. Jen also feels Maci is not being supportive enough. Jen does admit that Maci probably wants to see that Ryan is okay before leaving her child there.

Ryan continues to try and reach Maci. He says if he cannot have Bentley, he is going to hurt somebody. While I do understand Maci’s reluctance, completely, she is wrong to just blow him off, in my opinion. And Taylor, dude, what is up with that beard.  Please stop. Maci feels Ryan is too abrupt in his texts, which again, I get, but she needs to communicate as well. Maci feels Ryan should have been in rehab for six months to a year.


Farrah is staying at Michael’s with the dogs and horse and Sophia. Michael seems a little overwhelmed with all her stuff at his place. Farrah is still planning on moving to Los Angeles, although she sold her townhouse. She is currently house-hunting. Farrah wants to be in LA prior to Sophia starting school.

Farrah checks out some LA houses. Her realtor really wants her to live in Beverly Hills. Farrah is having a hard time finding a new house. Farrah then talks to her realtor about updating her will. Because that’s totally appropriate. They do join hands, so who even knows.

Farrah is back in Austin, still without a house in Los Angeles. Michael and his girlfriend try and talk to Farrah and of course she talks over both of them as they offer to let her and Sophia stay as long as they need, even with her many dogs and a horse. Deb is trying to find places to put David’s personal belongings. Deb doesn’t understand why Farrah doesn’t move across the street from her. She does hold out hope of having a good relationship with Farrah someday.


Cate and Tyler are still working on launching their clothing line. They are using their friend’s kids as models. They decide to celebrate the photoshoot with a cookout. They are also still working on their new farmhouse. The talk turns to more babies and both Tyler and Catelynn nod in agreement.

Tyler and Cate are planning the location of the barn at the farmhouse. They also talk more about babies. Tyler wants to be surprised and wants Cate to just do whatever she “needs to do to be fertile”. Catelynn tells Tyler she has to go for a pap test and he acts very strange about it all. He says he thinks she is having her IUD removed and she says she is thinking about it. Now he feels like he won’t be surprised. Cate is worried about suffering from postpartum depression again.

Cate and Tyler go camping with a friend and Catelynn admits they both want a boy. Cate seems a little confused about where an IUD is actually placed as she discusses it with her friend. Cate says they have not seen Carly for two years. She says she thinks about what could have been.


Amber and Matt continue to discuss the deterioration of their relationship. Matt claims that he has done nothing wrong in the relationship. He drives off in the Mamber car. Amber’s brother comes to visit her and she lets him know that she is going to go boating the next day with Gary and Kristina and the kids. Amber points out that she had to figure out Matt on her own.

Amber’s brother arrives and tries to get Amber to open the door. They leave to go boating with Gary and Company. Amber and Leah are having a good time together. Kristina asks where Matt is and Amber says he went to see his kids for a few days. Everyone goes out to dinner after their day of boating. Leah tells Amber that she misses her. While Amber is gone from the table, Gary and Amber’s brother talk about how things with Matt need to come to a conclusion. Gary does offer that if Amber ever needs anything to count on him and Kristina. Amber and Matt did talk on the phone and she feels like possibly things could work out. (This is so weird to watch, knowing she’s now pregnant with someone else’s baby and he’s married.) Amber says that there is $120,000 that cannot be accounted for.

Next time on Teen Mom OG – Ryan want to take Maci to court, Amber throws Matt out, Cate is unsure about another baby and Farrah is not happy Simon was invited to something she was as well.

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  1. Bisexual mermaid Kail says:

    Yall. Deb’s face?! What the hell? She is solid plastic now.

  2. Baby Daddy #3 says:

    Well honestly let’s think about how long Ryan was abusing drugs. I’d need some confirmation Ryan was sober before my child went with his dad or denial grandparents. Like who does Ryan think he is? Take her to court. And be required to do court mandated drug testing before you see Bently, which is only right

    • JerseyGirl says:

      Totally agree Maci is right to be concerned and want mandated drug testing, firm guidelines on who can supervise Bentley etc. But, she also needs to communicate that, not just ignore texts/calls.

    • chelseas annoying baby voice says:

      Agree as well.

      If he has no problem driving high as a kite with his fiancee in the car he’ll likely have no problem driving high as a kite with his son.

  3. chelseas annoying baby voice says:

    ‘This is so weird to watch, knowing she’s now pregnant with someone else’s baby and he’s married.’

    Ikr… I think the main reason Matt has moved on so quickly because he needs a place to live. And Amber… I don’t think she’s the type that likes to stay alone long but hey..one can say the same for the rest of the girls.

  4. chelseas annoying baby voice says:

    ‘Amber says that there is $120,000 that cannot be accounted for.’

    Oh Amber…You fool.. 😒

    • ZKelz says:

      120K!!!! My God, he really cleaned her out! That is not chump change. When he takes a “fiancee” to the cleaners, he doesn’t mess around.

  5. chelseas annoying baby voice says:

    Lol I saw this on The Ashley and had to shate. It is about Matt’s new wife..

    ‘November was quite the big month for Jennifer. According to The Ashley’s sources, Jennifer was arrested for DUI on November 7 after totaling Matt’s Cadillac in Las Vegas.’

    That is probably the Cadillac Amber bought him..😉 As someone stated in the comments of that article ‘Match made in heaven’.

  6. ColeAteMyCereal says:

    Ryan complaining about Bentley having to do chores kills me. Maybe she doesn’t want her son to end up a selfish, entitled, egocentric asshat like his father?


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