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Hello Teen Mom OG’ers!  I hope you’re gearing up for the holidays, if you celebrate them, and if you were in any part of the country that got wacky weather, I hope that went okay for you too!  We are just cold where I am, which is pretty typical for December.  I bring you our favorite girls.


Farrah has been busy with her two stores, but is missing a Froco package. She tries to track it down from neighboring stores. She decides to not stress about missing spoons and plans a weekend getaway to see her friend Heather in Vegas. Michael and his fiancé will be keeping Sophia.

Farrah arrives in Vegas and sends Sophia a video of her hotel view. It seems that Simon has been invited to hang out with Farrah and her friend Heather. Farrah is not happy about this. Farrah receives a pair of “Snapchat goggles” as a birthday gift from her friend.  I don’t know, I’m old. Farrah is hoping Simon does not show up to the celebration. However, he does, so Farrah leaves.

Debz and a friend go to a wig store to look for new hair for Deb’s wedding.  They find a fall for her hair that they both love. Deb says she has invited 125 people to her wedding at the aquarium, most of which are “true fans”. Deb seems sad that she doesn’t know if Farrah and/or Sophia will at the wedding. Deb continues to defend Dr. David, her dream man, who only stuck up for her (Deb) with Farrah. Debra feels if Farrah had a dream man, everything would be great.

Farrah is back from Vegas and tells her father it was an interesting trip. Farrah is sure Simon is still into her, even though he says he only wants to be friends. Sophia comes in and her and Farrah talk to each other in a voice even more annoying than the baby voice Chelsea and Cole use.


Cate and Tyler are working hard on their clothing line launch. Catelynn is not positive that they should have another baby at this point. She tells the producer she wants to wait on having more kids. Cate and Tyler are playing with the baby goat in their house, which just seems like a poorly thought out idea.

Tyler and Cate have an appointment with their local seamstress to have the tags put on the clothes from their website. Tyler and Cate will be the ones actually sending the packages out though. Tyler seems overwhelmed at the thought of working.

Catelynn calls to cancel her appointment to have her IUD removed and says she may reschedule in a couple of months. She breaks the news to Tyler that she is not ready to have another baby right now. Tyler seems okay with waiting and glad that Cate is not afraid of having postpartum depression. They agree that maybe they will re-visit the idea once they are in the new house.

Cate and Tyler talk to Kim about the new website launch. She is excited for them, but Tyler tells her it isn’t quite ready. Tyler shows her the preview on his phone. Tyler says they have a lot of people interested in their items. They will have three girl outfits and three boy outfits at launch. Tyler is willing to work as hard as it takes to make the business work. Tyler says he barely sleeps because his mind is always working.


Maci is celebrating Father’s Day with Taylor and the children. Like Cole is to Aubree, I feel that Taylor is a really good dad to Bentley. It is clear that they are very close. Maci tells Taylor she is going to take Bentley to Jen and Larry’s to see Ryan as Bentley has been asking to see him. Maci does not want the cameras to film the first time Bentley sees Ryan post-rehab. Maci says Ryan has not asked to see Bentley, and has just harassed and threatened her for three days to see his kid. Maci and Taylor are unhappy that Ryan only did twenty-one days of rehab.

Ryan, Mackenzie, Jen and Larry are having a cookout for Father’s Day. Ryan shovels food into his mouth like he’s starving and then lets the dog clean his plate. Ryan doesn’t miss an opportunity to bash Maci for her decision to not film his first meeting with Bentley after rehab as he feels she tells everyone everything on TV. Jen tries to tell Ryan to put everything aside and just focus on seeing Bentley.

Maci did take Bentley to see Ryan sans MTV crew, but she later tells Taylor in the hot tub that it did not go well. Maci says she tried to talk to Ryan, but Ryan wasn’t very forthcoming with information about his current condition or his stint in rehab. Ryan then went on to say he has a problem with Taylor. Evidently, Larry went nuts at one of Bentley’s games, jumping up and down on a fence and acting horribly. This is also how Larry treated Ryan as a child. Ryan told Maci he will see her in court. Maci and Taylor are not too worried about going to court, feeling that they have already been very generous with Bentley time. Maci and Taylor also feel Bentley comes home from Jen and Larry’s acting like a spoiled, entitled brat because they let him get away with everything, just like they always did with Ryan.

Ryan shares with Larry what Maci said about Larry’s behavior at the ball field. Larry is sure nothing is his fault. Larry calls Taylor a cocksucker which Ryan actually shushes him over. Even Jen tells Larry to be quiet. Ryan is sure that Maci is jealous. Larry is sure Maci is still in love with Ryan. Mackenzie scoffs at Maci’s past concern for Ryan. Are all of these people even for real? And I really hope this was shown out of sequence, because they’re all eating huge plates of food again. Ryan feels Maci needs to handle the men in her life as well. Ryan claims they will be going to mediation and then to court if he isn’t happy with mediation. Ryan claims he has no clue why Maci would ever be upset with him. Larry starts to say something and Ryan tells him not to say anything and to just tell him later. Larry claims that one day everyone will know “the damn truth” including Bentley. He then apologizes to the Lord. Ryan gets very quiet and stares off into space.


Amber is not looking forward to Matt coming back from Massachusetts. She is reluctant to just call it off though. She slips and says she did love him, versus does love him. She is worried that she has lost her independence. Amber says Matt’s daughter did not like him being on Teen Mom.

Leah wipes out on the gravel driveway at Gary’s, and is then asked by him why she’s “crying like a baby.” He then tells her that she isn’t allowed to cry anymore.  Um what? Amber is waiting in the garage when Matt gets back in town. She looks more than fed up. She asks him how he lost so much weight and states it definitely wasn’t from him working out. He mumbles that he hasn’t been eating very much. He claims the weight loss is not due to drug use. Amber is still upset that Matt’s daughter is not supportive of their relationship. Matt claims that his daughter just doesn’t like her dad under the microscope of the cameras. Matt walks away and Amber tells the producers Matt is a pussy and she likes men.  Well, okay then!

Amber is still in the garage and still mad about Matt’s daughter. Amber says she is almost done and wants more than what she currently has in the relationship. Amber goes upstairs and confronts Matt about the state of their relationship. He claims he has no clue what is even going on in her head. Amber tells Matt to leave and his response is to ask her if she’s on something.  That seems to be the final straw, although Matt points out that it is his house as much as hers. Matt leaves.

Next time on Teen Mom OG –Amber talks about her breakup, Cate’s website launches, but crashes, Farrah is leaving Sophia behind again, and Maci is going to require Ryan to take a drug test before he can see Bentley without her being there.

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  1. Chelseas annoying baby voice says:

    ‘Ryan feels Maci needs to handle the men in her life as well.’

    Oh wow… How patronizing.. I am sure Maci has flaws ( just like Chelsea I feel she can be a bit fake) but she seems to be doing pretty good so that comment is uncalled for.

    Hey Ryan. How about YOU manage your life well and get a job..

  2. Grace says:

    The entire Edwards family is out of their minds. They should be thankful Maci’s intentions were to get Ryan help. She could of easily took him to court when he was on drugs. He would be getting no time with Bentley. Ever since Mackenzie came into the picture, no one is getting along now. She’s poison…
    At least Bentley has his mother and step father looking out for him. Ryan needs a reality check. If he’s going to ever stay sober, he needs to take a long hard look in the mirror. A lot longer than 21 days..


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