Teen Mom OG | Season 7 Episode 4 RECAP | System Overload

Welcome to another week in the life of those Teen Mom OG girls.


Ryan wants to see Bentley again, but after the altercation they had, Maci is going through her attorney and wants Ryan to follow new visitation guidelines. Ryan talks to his friend Randy and says he is still meeting with his counselor. Ryan and Mackenzie are planning on going to Bentley’s baseball game. Ryan states that Maci has never helped him in any sort of way since Bentley was born. Um what?  Are you even kidding me with that bullshit Ryan?!

Maci goes to see her friend Keelie and discusses Keelie’s pregnancy. They also talk about Ryan and the texts he has sent to Maci. Maci lets him know that he will need to follow her rules to keep Bentley safe. Maci wants Ryan to pass a drug test, at her expense, before he takes Bentley alone. Maci feels bad that she can’t let Bentley see Jen and Larry at this point either.

Jen and Larry talk about Ryan’s return from rehab. Larry claims Ryan did thirty days in rehab, and while Ryan was there, it was a relief, knowing he was not hurting himself and was getting help. Larry and Jen are confident that Ryan has overcome his addiction. Jen says she is still vigilant about looking for signs of drug use. Larry admits that they knew “something” was going on, but when they confronted Ryan, there would be an argument and Ryan would leave. They now know that Ryan’s triggers are.  Jen tears up several times. She says she has to hold it together or else Ryan may relapse. Also, him not seeing Bentley is a trigger. Larry states that Ryan is all they have.

Maci has not heard back from Ryan about taking a drug test. She tells Bentley he cannot go to Jen’s that weekend. Ryan contacts a lawyer about determining custody/visitation. The attorney asks a few questions about what is going on. Ryan does admit that he was using heroin and just returned from rehab. Mackenzie looks very put out that Ryan admitted that to the attorney and on camera. The attorney tells Ryan that while Maci keeping Bentley from him is not illegal, it is a rotten thing to do. The attorney tells Ryan he will have to pass drug screens regularly. Ryan says he can, but looks very pensive.


Amber is getting ready to head off to Marriage Bootcamp with Matt. First, she stops by the spa to talk about her failing relationship. She does say she still loves him, but the bad outweighs the good.

Amber is going to spend some time with Leah before she leaves for California for three weeks. Amber and Kristina greet each other warmly and Leah hangs out with both of them to work on a project. Leah really does seem like a very sweet girl and it is clear she is loved by both Amber and Kristina.

Amber is headed to Los Angeles, but Matt will arrive separately. Gary and Kristina are having a cookout and discuss what will happen if Matt and Amber get back together. Gary says that Amber has confided in him that she is talking to someone she met on Twitter. Later, Gary, Kristina and the kids go to see fireworks.

Amber is back from Marriage Bootcamp and Matt did not return with her. Amber shares that she broke up with Matt while they were there. Matt is staying in Las Vegas and Amber is moving on. She says she is over the drama and fighting and wondering what will happen next. She seems very happy to be rid of Matt for good.


The clothing website is ready to launch and Cate and Tyler are excited to get things rolling. They had April watch Nova so they could concentrate on the launch. The website crashes before it even launches and Cate and Tyler are very stressed out.

Catelynn is waiting to hear back from the IT company that is in charge of their website. Tyler is incredibly stressed by all of this. Tyler yells at the IT company. Cate is sure they will figure it out. Cate takes a break from worrying about the website to go to the stable and see her horse. She gets back home and finds Tyler still worried about the website, which was under cyberattack. They are starting to get orders though, which makes them happy.

The clothing sales are going well, and they have almost sold out entirely of their inventory.  They head out on a boat to take a break. They are very happy with the sales and the success of their website.


Farrah is going to be travelling internationally for work and is spending some time with Sophia before she leaves. No clue why Farrah has on sunglasses inside the spa. She does not let Sophia get the golden marijuana leaf polish. Farrah is having Michael and Amy watch Sophia again while she is gone as she cannot trust her mom. Farrah does tell Sophia that she cannot play hide and seek with grandpa and Amy because they might lose her.

Farrah is getting ready to leave for business. She checks on her businesses before she leaves and everything seems to be running smoothly. Michael tells Farrah to be careful overseas, but live it up. Sophia is worried when Farrah says she is taking Sophia’s suitcase that Farrah might not come back. Sophia does write her mom an I love you note and slips it into her bag.

Debs and her friend go to a hat store. Debra doesn’t want short hair, even though a fan told her that old people have short hair. Debra is upset that she is not the one watching Sophia while Farrah is gone. Farrah, Sophia, Michael and Amy go out to dinner to go over Farrah’s rules and regulations for watching Sophia. Farrah tells Michael that no one is to contact Sophia, especially Debra. Amy states that she feels lucky to have a relationship with Farrah. Farrah breaks down thinking about how she does not have a relationship with Debra. Amy does seem like a very nice person, which makes me wonder how she got mixed up with that group.

Next time on Teen Mom OG – Farrah invites her mom to join her and Sophia on a trip to Italy, Kristina advocates for Amber to have more time with Leah, Ryan misses Bentley’s first day of third grade and Cate is getting ready to see Carly.

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    Thank you for the recap JerseyGirl.

  2. Sir Nibs says:

    Debs face is freakish. Maci is un-likable. Tyler is gay.

    • ZKelz says:

      Deb’s face is a special kind of rubberized horror.

      Tyler is full of himself. I found it off-putting when he referred to himself as a “reality-star”. Gag! He’s an idiot who temporarily has a moderate amount of Facebook followers. No stardom there buddy.

  3. -A says:

    Thank you for another great recap. Can you please remember about the ad that runs in the article its covering part of it again.

  4. Baby Daddy #3 says:

    Oh yay. You’re back


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