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Cate and Tyler are still trying to schedule a visit with Carly. It has been two years since they have seen her. However, they have a huge family vacation planned right when the meeting date should be. They talk about cancelling the vacation if that is what they have to do. You can tell Tyler is not happy about it though. Dawn tries to explain that it is a lot of schedules to work around, not just Cate and Tyler’s at this point.

Tyler and Cate talk about whether seeing Carly once a year or less is beneficial or harmful to Carly. Sometimes Tyler is just annoying when he goes off on a tangent. They are unsure if they will be able to see Carly at all. Later, Teresa gives them some alternate dates that will work. Cate says she is nervous each time seeing Carly. They have decided on a date to see Carly and are heading to North Carolina. They stay at a rental house and prepare for their visit. Catelynn struggles with having Nova behave and admits that she couldn’t have done it at sixteen. Tyler tells the producer that he no longer cares about his relationship with Brandon and Teresa. He says they are good people, but he just can’t care anymore. Cate and Tyler discuss seeing Nova and Carly playing together and how Carly will be towards them. Cate seems very pensive. They are unsure what will happen during the visit.


Farrah has been travelling internationally and Michael and his fiancé have been watching Sophia. Everyone seems very happy to see each other when Farrah returns. Farrah decided while travelling abroad that she needs to work on her relationship with her mom, and thinks inviting her to go to Italy, sans Doctor David of course, would be the answer. She then lets Sophia be the decision maker regarding inviting Debz. Why??!! Farrah also decides to invite Michael and Amy. Farrah does seem to have a good relationship with Amy, which can only be a positive.

Michael, Farrah and Sophia go to pick out an engagement ring for Amy. Farrah tells her dad what type of ring she likes. Later, Farrah and Sophia hang out with Amy. Amy wants to go home and have alone time with Michael. That’s awkward. Farrah states that Sophia doesn’t want to hang out with Deb anymore and tries to sound all innocent in why that would be. Amy tries to encourage Farrah to mend fences with Debra.

Farrah and Sophia FaceTime Debz after Sophia first refuses and backtalks Amy. That kid needs some serious discipline in her life. And a better mother. Debz seems excited about being invited to Italy. Farrah makes it clear that Dr. David is not invited. Farrah later offers to help Michael plan the proposal to Amy. Farrah says her mom can’t be around during the proposal. Michael tries to be diplomatic and kind about and towards Debra.


Bentley is getting ready to start third grade and is going supply shopping with Maci. Ryan has still not responded to Maci about taking a drug test. Jen and Larry discuss the situation with the producer. Larry can’t understand why Maci is being like she is. Jen gets it, even though she doesn’t say a whole lot in Maci’s defense. Jen breaks down crying and Larry just keeps repeating himself about not understanding what the problem is. Mackenzie tells Ryan that she found a store in Dallas and wants a new wedding dress. She wants Ryan to go with her, but he is definitely not interested in that. Ryan says it is stressful that Maci won’t let him see Bentley until he passes a drug test. He is reluctant to do that, as its not entirely out of his system. Mackenzie does take a friend to Dallas to find her dress. She claims that everything is going smoothly as far as Ryan’s sobriety. Mack is worried Bentley may not be allowed at the wedding.

Maci and Taylor wake Bentley for his first day of third grade. After school, Maci discusses Bentley’s first day with him. When Bentley whines he looks just like Ryan to me. Maci states that Ryan did not reach out to Bentley on his first day. He also hasn’t responded to her request for a drug test. Maci states that her first priority is keeping Bentley safe, then happy.

Mackenzie searches for her dress and finds one with a lot of beading that she declares is the one. She flies home and spends the next day with Ryan and her son, Hudson, who is super cute. Ryan tells Mack that he took a hair follicle test while she was gone but he feels it will not be clean yet. He quickly loses interest and picks at something on his leg while Mack tries to engage him in conversation. Ryan says he told Maci they are going to have to go to court. He can’t understand why Maci won’t just give him his weekends with Bentley back, along with some time during the week and input on decisions relating to Bentley. Seriously Ryan?!


Amber is possibly not done with Matt (spoiler alert, she is) and decides to go to Las Vegas to see if there is any chance for them. Amber hangs out in her bed with her cousin to discuss the situation with her and the producer. I saw Amber got some hatin’ over her head wrap, but I’m actually kind of digging it. Amber does say she hasn’t seen Leah very much because of everything she (Amber) is going through.

Amber calls Matt to set up a visit. He seems interested in that happening. He says he will let Amber meet with his therapist while she’s in town. Gary and Kristina discuss the current situation with Amber and Leah’s first day of school. Kristina is such a good person. Amber only saw Leah twice during summer break, yet Kristina still states how much Leah needs Amber.

Amber does show up for Leah’s first day of school. Gary is busy making pancakes for the family (Gary Gary Gary, please don’t use a metal spatula on that nonstick griddle!) Gary calls Amber to see if she’s up and Amber is delighted to let him know that she is on her way already. In the car Gary states that he can’t see “squat-diddly”.  Um.  He then advises Leah to find the biggest person in school and punch them in the mouth?! Kristina is appalled, as is Leah. Gary tries to play it off as “just kidding”. Later Kristina and Gary discuss how the morning went. Gary does compliment Kristina which is nice to hear.

A policewoman pulls up beside Amber and takes her picture. Keep it classy, Indy.  Always. Amber tells the producer she is doing well now and taking all her medication. She is still planning a trip to see Matt to see if it’s really over. She knows that she will have to get completely over Matt before she could move on, and doesn’t know what she is really looking for.  Andrew.  You are looking for Andrew, evidently.

Next time on Teen Mom OG – Maci and Taylor go skydiving, Cate and Tyler have their visit with Carly, we meet Andrew, Debz and Farrah have an argument. Until next time, Jersey out!

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  1. Leah's Meth Pipe says:

    Amber is going back to old amber. When she first came back on screen when they rebooted TMOG she wore no make up and sweats. Now she’s back into the full face and nails. Just not the 10inch eyelashes. It’s disgusting that she didn’t see Leah over the summer break. Leah deserves more than that. Amber is a shitty mother and should cop more flack than she does. She abandons that child all the time.
    For once I’m on Macis side. But I do wonder if she’s just being self righteous.
    Catelynn needs to stop wth this show. The continual talk of Carly is killing her. She’s overweight lazy and depressed because she’s constantly reminded of the child she doesn’t have. And then she has Tyler to deal with. And it’s plain obvious she chose Tyler over Carly and even Catelynn knows Carly will see that one day. It’s a shitty situation that will never get better until she gets some real therapy and moves on

    • JerseyGirl says:

      I do feel Maci is at least somewhat self righteous – I mean, not that she should just let Ryan take Bentley without some assurances, but even if he took a drug test, he could pick up Bentley and then relapse (not that he WOULD, but he could).

      • Baby daddy #3 says:

        True. But if she lets him go with him based off of word of mouth (and hardly even that, they’ve kept her out of the loop), how dumb does she look if something happens? Or negligent?

        It’s not just about covering oneself, bc this is Bently’s safety we’re discussing. But at least if he’s passed a drug test before picking him up she could justify her actions in a court of law (if it ever came to that), and hopefully in her conscience.

  2. Grace says:

    I’m sorry, but Ryan had a serious heroin addiction. It’s not like he smoked some weed, he was addicted to HEROIN. He went to rehab for 21 days to cure a years long habit. Maci has every right to be concerned for her child. Who is old enough to understand everything that’s happening. Any responsible mother, would make the addict prove they are least trying to stay sober. Ryan doesn’t want to let Maci know any details that concern Bentley, yet he wants things to go back to the way it was before?! I’m not even a Maci fan, but come on. It’s called consequences, and Ryan needs to know how bad he messed up, in order to have the motivation to stay sober. Call that self righteous, I call it being a responsible mother.

    • Grace says:

      If Ryan can’t comprehend why Maci is making him do these drug tests, then he did not stay at rehab long enough. It’s that simple. If he stayed long enough, he would understand mentally what needs to be done. I really hope for Bentleys sake (and Ryan’s), that he does stay sober and is able to rebuild his relationship back with his son!

      • Baby daddy #3 says:

        It’s clear he didn’t stay in rehab long enough, and that his parents need to receive some form of treatment as well.

        I’m still bothered by his mom saying, “it’s a trigger to Ryan when I cry. So I shouldn’t cry.” NO JEN. That’s not how this works! Ryan needs to work on himself to learn how to not use heroin when his mom cries. If anyone stayed in treatment long enough, they’d know it.

        Unfortunately, I think he went the methadone/suboxone (sp?) route. Which might help with cravings but does NOT help with the thought process

  3. Nikki says:

    I personally think Ryan could care less if he sees Bentley more than 2 or 3 times a year. He has been the most disinterested parent (Adam being number 1) on the show! He had zero interest when Bentley was a baby and it hasn’t changed yet. He’s keeping up the charade so his parents can see Bentley. Mackenzie is the worst wife for him. She is no treat herself and a money hungry bitch but she’s also a major gas lighter to the situation with Maci and Bentley. Maci is far from my favorite but she can do whatever she wants to keep Bentley safe. Ryan ruined his chances when DROVE high on camera with his idiot wife encouraging him along the way.
    Amber is the same lazy person she has always been. She couldn’t stand taking care of Leah as a baby and can’t stand it now either. She is so selfish. She is the “fun” aunt to Leah who visits every other month or so. She is no mother other than the fact that she gave birth. Kristina is an absolute SAINT for being so kind and cordial to Amber. She is Leah’s mother and thank God for that!

    It’s time for Teresa and Brandon to cut off contact with Tyler and Catelynn. They are toxic.

    Farrah I don’t care about.

    • Baby daddy #3 says:

      I think Ryan has the capacity to care, but he’s been addicted to something for much of Bentley’s life. I’ve been saying Ryan was using something for several seasons now because his actions and inability to comprehend how his actions impacted others made little-to-no sense.

      But also, because he’s been using for so long, he’s going to require a lot of assistance to ever get to the point of truly caring about anyone besides himself or his addiction. I don’t see how he and Mackenzie can last because you are not the same person high as you are sober – and she is a decision he made completely high. If he ever truly gets himself together, I’d assume she would get the boot as well but we shall see

  4. chelseas annoying baby voice says:

    ‘Amber is a shitty mother’.

    I agree. And I fear that Leah will go down the list of Amber’s priorities when Bewbew number 2 is born.

    I also can’t understand why she did not see Leah during summer break.. How many weeks vacation is that in the US (it is six in The Netherlands)?

    Anyway. I lose my shit as a mom and yeah some ok lots of things I need to work on but I am baffled as to HOW Amber can go not days but WEEKS without seeing her kid.

    She is really selfish. I always thought tbat Jenelle wasn’t the maternal type but AT LEAST SHE SEES HER DAMN KIDS or tries to.

    Regardless the shit Jenelle pulled when she was younger I really think she does want Jace back. You can not fake that type of frustration when she is yelling at Babs because of Jace.

    Anyway back to Amber.. She will have a baby in a couple of months, I am curious to see how she’ll deal with all the stress that comes with a newborn..

    P.s. The cynic in me says that Matt (as is rumoured) stole some of her money and the reason she is knocked up right now is that she wants to prolong the show and continue to get paid 300.000k.

    • Baby daddy #3 says:

      It’s 10 weeks give or take, depending on the type of school (private, public, charter) and the state (she’s in Indiana, I’m in Illinois).

      It’s possible she did some type of summer camp/learning program – that’s what typical parents do for their children (if/when they can afford it). But those are usually only 8-1pm

      In short, Amber DEFINITELY could have seen Leah if she actually gave a damn

    • JerseyGirl says:

      I’m with you! I get all antsy if I don’t see my kids regularly and they are 22 and 33!

  5. chelseas annoying baby voice says:

    I used to really like The Edwards but I am getting annoyed with them and Jen crying.

    I know my comment might seem to be insensitive but they coddled (sp) and spoiled their son instead of pushing him to get a job or further his education and to move out.

    Ryan used to work in the early days of TM. I read this on the reddit page; something techical/mechanical..

    Why doesn’t he work now? And I know I might sound judgmental but.. they didn’t notice their sons drug usage?

    He was high as a kite in several episodes long btefore the truth was revealed (when Ryan came to pick up Bentley for Halloween, at Maci’s wedding and another one where Ryan’s age were really enlarged and he looked stoned).

    I know people are good at hiding their addiction but shouldn’t they have noticed.. something? And what is with the change of attitude regarding Maci?

    They seemed to be levelheaded and more on Maci’s side most of the time when it came to Bentley.. Is the change in attitude because of Mackenzie, I’m not so sure.

    I think their egos are hurt and Maci demanding a drug test reminds them that a) they totally missed that Ryan was using drugs and b) that they kind of missed the mark as parents with Ryan c)they do not appreciate at all that Maci talked about Ryan’s drug issues on national tv and feel betrayed by her.

    I do think, just as Leah’s Meth Pipe stated before, that Maci is selfrighteous. She always has been though but she has a right to know that her son will be safe.


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