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Hey favorite people of mine!  Hope you enjoy this recap. I promise I am going to get back in the swing of things here!  Thank you for sticking by me and still reading, I appreciate all of you!


Catelynn and Tyler are anxious to see Carly. Dawn has made the trip to be there with Cate and Tyler as has Carly’s adoptive brother’s birth mom. Wow that was confusing to write. Cate feels that Brandon and Theresa do not reciprocate the trying and reaching out.

Cate and Tyler are ready to go see Carly. Of course, Brandon and Theresa do not allow filming or pictures of Carly. Cate and Tyler wake Nova up and they’re off to the park. Nova does request a baby brother because they’re cute. They do pick up Dawn, Beth (Graham, Carly’s brother) and Beth’s twin girls for the visit as well. Cate looks very sad after the visit.

Catelynn and Tyler are recovering from their visit with Carly. Tyler is worried about how hard it was on Cate. Tyler wishes they had had more support to parent Carly.  Tyler is anxious to have more kids after seeing Carly and Nova together. Cate “knows” that Carly misses them. Tyler feels like saying goodbye to Carly will never get easier. Tyler does try and be supportive to Cate.


Amber changed her mind about going to Vegas to see Matt. She realizes he used her and stole her money, although she won’t pursue legal means to get her money back. She opens up about meeting a new person and is happy he is coming to visit her in Indiana.  Gary and Kristina talk about Amber’s breakup with Matt affecting her relationship with Leah and Gary brings up Amber owing him $9600 in child support. Kristina tries to tell Gary how important it is for Amber to be there for Leah. She is trying to be respectful of boundaries but really, Leah needs someone to be there for her, and right now that is Kristina as a mom figure.

Amber introduces Andrew to the film crew (and us). He seems less skeevy to me than Matt, but time will tell. Andrew has no children yet, which Amber is happy about. She also tells Andrew that she is going to do a background check on him. He does not seem to mind this. Amber says that Andrew is a good distraction and makes her not depressed.

Even though Andrew is still in town, Amber wants to see Leah. She calls Gary to try and make those arrangements. Gary is less than enthusiastic. Gary agrees to let Amber come by to say hi to Leah, which she does. Andrew drops her off at Gary’s. Amber then asks Gary if he’s pissed off at her, naturally with Leah and other kids right there. Gary asks who dropped Amber off and what’s going on. Amber tries to justify not seeing Leah for weeks because of the depression. I am not making light of depression, I realize it’s valid, but your kid still needed you. And obviously you were not so depressed as to not pursue another relationship. Leah says she’s okay that Matt is gone, although she does look completely put on the spot.

Amber talks to Gary and Kristina about Andrew. Gary seems supportive and then brings up the back child support owed. Amber claims that she will set up the payments the next week and that she will never forget Leah. Amber again brings up that she was too depressed to interact with Leah. Basically, Gary tells her suck it up, buttercup. Have to say I agree with Gary here, when he says Leah has to come first.


Farrah and Sophia are in Los Angeles, where Sophia is taking a surfing lesson.  Farrah says she doesn’t swim and doesn’t do “things like that”.  She is headed to Omaha the next day to see family. She snaps at the producer that she is going to “have a good day” and walks away. Debz FaceTime’s with Dr. David and tries to be excited about the upcoming wedding but he kind of shuts her down. David says he hopes Farrah treats Deb nicely.

Farrah meets her friend, Frenchy. I am dying. Farrah mentions that Sophia is now homeschooled and can accompany her wherever she goes. She also talks about her upcoming trip to Italy and how Dr. David is not invited. Farrah and Sophia arrive in Omaha and Sophia states twice that she hopes David is not at the party. Farrah takes those opportunities to get digs in about David.

Farrah and Sophia are hanging out with Deb since the party went well. Sophia pretty much ignores Deb until Farrah brings up David and Sophia then makes snarky comments and literally growls. That child is in need of some much better parenting. She then acts totally evil when Deb shows off her dress. I mean, it is almost scary to watch. The adults have manipulated Sophia and Sophia completely manipulates the adults. Sophia says she doesn’t want to go to Deb’s wedding and Deb says she’s sorry to hear that. Farrah then gives a snarky comment about Deb. Farrah continues to be rude to Debra about David and of course Sophia is taking it all in.


Maci talks to her friend Keelie and confirms that Ryan has not taken the drug test she asked for. Maci is still not letting Bentley go to Jen and Larry’s or to see Ryan. Maci also states that she is not close with Larry and Jen any longer. Taylor is at the barber shop planning something for Maci’s birthday in two days. He is thinking about taking her skydiving. He says Maci has some second thoughts about skydiving.

Ryan and Mackenzie are getting ready to take engagement pictures. Ryan states that he is definitely not excited about pictures.  Mackenzie has to prod him to get ready, and watches him continue to work on an RC car instead of doing what she told him to do. Ryan states he is going to take a shower to get away from her; they then have an argument off-camera but still with audio and Mackenzie tells him to stop ruining things.  They do manage to have the pictures taken though.

Maci and Taylor go to Rodizio to eat. (Side note: I love that place! Just sayin’) Taylor tells Maci the skydiving surprise. She seems only slightly hesitant but wants to go. Maci tells Bentley that she is going skydiving. He is hopeful that he will get to go to Mimi’s, but he will be at school. They get to the skydiving location and Maci says she will go first. She has a great time. I am jealous.

Next time on Teen Mom OG – Amber introduces Leah to Andrew, Farrah gives her mom grief about her upcoming wedding, Cate and Tyler confront Butch, who appears to have relapsed again, and Maci gets a text from someone that is “big trouble”. Until next time, Jersey out!

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  1. Grace says:

    Catelynn and Tyler desperately need to be off MTV and away from the public eye. Their delusional fans and storyline have made them entitled. They feel entitled when it comes to Carly, and they absolutely do not understand open adoption anymore. A perfect example, is when Cate asked for a ‘girls’ day, then got annoyed when the answer was no. I don’t think catelynn will ever come to terms with the adoption while she is on tv, with delusional fans messaging them.

    Sophia is a product of horrible parenting. She just says what she hears Farrah saying. It’s quite sad that doesn’t have one sane parental figure in her life.

  2. Grace says:

    Amber, she’s the same as she was before jail. If you feel fine enough to pursue a relationship, you can make time for your child. Leah has never been her number one priority, and never will be

    Maci has every right to want a drug test from Ryan. He keeps her in the dark when it concerns Bentley. You don’t have a years long heroin addiction, and cure it in 21 days. There are consequences, and a drug test before you see your son is one them. I don’t feel bad for him

  3. Baby daddy #3 says:

    Yea… idk how parents with depression do it, but I don’t imagine you get to put parenting on hold due to being depressed.

    Also, like you said. She wasn’t too depressed to pursue a new man

    • JerseyGirl says:

      that’s the thing – I get it, depression is real, etc. My kid has anxiety and depression, but if she had a kid, that kid would have to be a priority. That’s just how it is.

      • Baby daddy #3 says:

        Like, if you’re strong enough, you parent and cope with depression. If not, you either do irreparable harm to your kid – or let someone else take the wheel

        Leah seems to be in good hands with Gary, but I’ve seen Leah’s story one too many times on Intervention. Amber isn’t doing her any favors

  4. Nikki says:

    Catelynn and Tyler need to be fully cut iff from Carly until she is 18 and can decide for herself if she wants to see them. They are totally delusional regarding her. She is NOT your kid! Wow! Totally agree with the posters above that she was inappropriate to be angry about her suggested girls day. And the sense of entitlement is over the top.
    Amber doesn’t give two shits if she sees Leah regularly. She is as disinterested in parenting her as she was on her 16 & P episode and Teen Mom beginning seasons. She is the forever “fun aunt” who stops by once or twice a month.
    Farrah – disgusting, absolute trash. My sympathy for however she grew up is long gone. She has destroyed Sophia. She is a very unhinged, immature, angry child and it’s heart wrenching to watch.
    Maci is boring I don’t have any interest in a woman who had several children and then whines that they are essentially too much work and dumps them daycare for some week long “me time”

    Rant over 😉


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