Teen Mom OG | Season 7 Episode 7 RECAP | Runways, Rehab and Retail

Running in, saying hi, and onward to the recap!


Amber and Andrew are ready to go public in LA at the VMA’s.  Andrew socializes while Amber is getting ready. Amber’s friend gives him a pretty good grilling. Amber confirms that Matt is still trying to get back with her. Gary is also at the VMA’s. Someone needs to help him buy a collared shirt for these types of events. Amber and Andrew are a hit.  The next day they talk about the experience with the producer while Andrew wears a very strange flag infinity scarf.

Amber goes to Gary’s to spend time with Leah because she is not ready for Leah to meet Andrew. Amber asks Andrew to meet Gary, and he agrees. Leah does end up meeting Andrew as everyone comes outside for the meet. Andrew looks very uncomfortable. He says it was fine and he didn’t mind at all. Gary and Kristina discuss Andrew and Kristina feels that he made a good first impression. Amber and Andrew go out for a rooftop lunch and discuss the meeting with Leah and Company. Andrew asks about Amber’s visitation schedule. Amber states that she doesn’t want any other kids than Leah. (Spoiler alert, that falls by the wayside.) Andrew is not upset about meeting the whole family.


Farrah and Sophia are in New York to walk in a fashion show and Debz is there to support them. They discuss Debra’s upcoming wedding and Debra tells Farrah that Amber is invited. Farrah is not thrilled but claims that her biggest problem is with Dr. David. Sophia starts chanting and walking around the room holding her hands to her head. I realize part of it is her playing to the audience, but I really think that kid needs some therapy.

Farrah and Sophia get some professional advice on walking the runway. Debra sends Farrah an article about marriage but Farrah does not have time to read it and ridicules her mom for sending it. Sophia shushes them from the back seat. Farrah and Sophia do actually look like they’re having fun when they walk the runway together.  Later, Farrah bashes Debz, of course in front of Sophia. Farrah calls Amy and Michael and complains about Debra. They all make fun of Debra’s wedding invitations, which is petty and rude.


Cate is in LA for the VMA’s with her friend, since Tyler did not want to attend.  He takes the opportunity to have lunch with his mom. Tyler shares that he does not like “that kind of stuff”.  He and his mom talk about the visit with Carly and the house project. Kim is pretty sure Butch is using again and Tyler confirms that he has definitely relapsed. Basically, Tyler’s give-a-fuck is broken. You can tell he still loves Butch but has given up on him staying clean.

Tyler and Cate discuss Amber’s new man. Cate says she didn’t get any red flags from Andrew. They then discuss Butch going to rehab and how life as children of addicts has shaped them. Tyler calls Butch to see if he’s at the house working. He gets his voicemail, so Cate tries calling but gets his voicemail as well. Tyler decides to see if his dad is working.

Tyler does find his dad at their new house working on the fence. Butch says he is ready to go to rehab as soon as the house project is done. Butch looks very rough. Please get help, Butch, I’m rooting for you.


Maci and Taylor’s clothing line has really taken off. Taylor wants to start looking for office space to separate work and home life.

Ryan and Mackenzie are speeding down some road, neither bothering to wear seatbelts, while Ryan lectures Mack to be careful driving. Mack gets irritated at Ryan telling her how to drive. Later Mack talks to her friend and says Ryan has been short-tempered and she is not happy about it. She says she didn’t know it would be this hard. Mack is also worried that Ryan will use again.

Taylor and Maci are talking about office spaces when Maci realizes that one of their shirts has a typo on it. They meet with someone to look at office spaces. The one they look at provides coffee and beer on tap. What?! The building does have a nice view of the Chattanooga skyline. Maci and Taylor talk about the logistics of renting office space. They agree to rent an office but Maci is making Taylor pay for it.

Ryan and Mack go out to eat and talk about her day. Ryan does compliment Mack’s hair, which is nice of him. He is also happy his ring fits now. He discusses how glad he is that he listened to Mack and got help for his drug use. He seems sincere and tells Mackenzie how much he appreciates everything she has done for him. He tries to reassure her that he will not relapse. For everyone’s sake, I really hope that’s true.

On the next Teen Mom OG – Farrah is rude to her mom, Cate has her birth control removed, Ryan and Mack head to Vegas, and Amber discovers she is pregnant. Until later, Jersey out!

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  1. Nikki says:

    Ryan is so clearly high in every scene. No way is he sober. Catelynn’s vma outfit was horrible.

  2. Leah's Meth Pipe says:

    Of course Cate and Ty start wearing tierra reign shirts on the show now 🙄


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