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Happy almost end of January, my favorite readers.  Hope you enjoy this recap.


Maci is off on a girl’s weekend and Taylor is watching the kids. Maci discusses the Ryan situation with her friends. They, like Maci, do not understand why Ryan won’t take a drug test if he is clean. Ryan, Mackenzie, and Hudson are hanging out with Jen and Larry. Ryan tells them that they are going to Vegas for a bachelor/bachelorette party and then invites his parents to come along.

Ryan and family are in Vegas. The men go race trucks on a dirt track while the women have a spa day and lunch. Mack says their wedding day will celebrate six months of Ryan’s sobriety. She also states that she invited Maci and Taylor to the wedding. Later, everyone goes out to drink and dance. Ryan tells Mack at one point to ease up on the drinking. She ignores him. He looks very uncomfortable. As the girls get pedicures, Mack reveals that her and Ryan want to have a baby in the next year. She does not want to discuss their first wedding ceremony however. Mack did not know Ryan was using until she married him. Jen is worried that Ryan will relapse.

Maci received her wedding invitation to Ryan’s wedding.  She tells her friend it was only addressed to herself and Bentley and has her maiden name on it. Maci says she is going to RSVP and put an additional guest on it.  Larry gives Ryan some marital advice which Ryan blows off. Larry then asks about more kids and Ryan states that they will probably just get another dog. Ryan tells his friends that he and Maci aren’t on any terms, good or bad. Ryan does admit that the wedding invitation just went to Maci and Bentley, but Larry points out that Taylor is definitely invited.


Farrah, Sophia, her dad and his fiancé have arrived in Italy. Debra will arrive the following day.  Farrah’s plan is to keep her parents apart. Deb is under the impression it will just be her, Farrah and Sophia. Debra is still hoping to talk Farrah and Sophia into coming to her wedding. Debz is just so…odd to me.

Debra arrives in Italy. Farrah and Sophia are out with Michael and Amy and discussing how great it is that Farrah could bring Sophia to Italy to learn about her heritage. Debra discusses her relationship with Farrah with the producer just in time to catch sight of Michael and Amy. Deb looks a little hurt. She does put on a show for Sophia of how much everyone loves each other. Debra tells Farrah she was surprised to see Michael and Amy but that she is fine with it. Farrah justifies inviting them.

Farrah, Sophia and Debra go to a cooking class. Deb brings up Dr. David and Farrah looks disgusted. Sophia wants to make something with an egg in a bowl and Farrah doesn’t understand that no, egg and bowl are not the same in every language. Deb, Farrah and Sophia then go out to eat. Farrah brings up Debz wedding. Deb still wants Farrah and Sophia to attend the wedding and be in the wedding. When Farrah makes a snarky comment about David, Deb makes an equally snarky one about Simon. This dissolves into an argument, which Sophia is of course right there for.


Kristina, Leah and Emilee are outside with the chickens having some family time. Amber and Andrew are on their way to Hawaii for some fun. Amber is ready for some romance with Andrew. She does manage to remember Leah in an offhand sort of way.

Amber and Andrew missed their flight to Hawaii because Amber got sick while they were in Los Angeles.  They do make it to Hawaii and joke around in the limo. They get to their rental condo and talk about Amber being sick with the producer. Amber mentions that when she was pregnant, she threw up a lot. Andrew has a smug look on his face but she continues to try and play it off.

Amber wants to go snorkeling with Andrew, but woke up not feeling well again. She decides to push through and go anyway. She has a good time. She tells Andrew how happy she is with him. Gary is reading about Andrew’s “shady past”. He and Kristina discuss his past alcohol use and other issues. Gary thinks Amber should have waited to get into another relationship. Gary almost hurts himself patting himself on the back. Yes, he has taken care of Leah, but he’s also had a lot of outside help, and that’s just what parents do. Kristina “jokingly” throws out that she should adopt Leah.

Amber is still not feeling well and is very tired. She decides to take a pregnancy test. She is pregnant! (I know, we all already know this)


Butch is working on Tyler’s new house and also apparently is skilled in cast removal, as he takes Tyler’s nephews cast off his foot. What?! Cate is also re-thinking having another baby. She goes to lunch with her mom and they talk about Butch. Catelynn plans to still surprise Tyler and go get her IUD removed.  Tyler points out that Catelynn is still smoking, even though they swore they would both quit before Nova was one. Tyler wants Catelynn to stop smoking before she tries to get pregnant.

Catelynn tells Tyler she has a riding lesson, but she is really going to get her IUD removed. She has it removed after discussing it with her doctor and making sure she is good with the decision. The doctor talks to Cate about her other medications, her weight and smoking. The doctor seems pretty sure Cate will ovulate soon. Cate tells the producer she got pregnant quickly with Nova but she also had scheduled sex. Cate says she is going to try to stop smoking now.

Next time on Teen Mom OG – Amber announces her pregnancy, Kim supports Tyler and what he’s going through, Maci and Taylor talk about having another baby, and Michael proposes to Amy.  Until next time, Jersey out!

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  1. chan says:

    Thanks for the recap! (Small mistake; You said Amber instead of Catelynn in the last part).

    I think it’s a good thing that Tyler doesn’t want to try to have another baby before Catelynn stopped smoking. At the same time, he told her over and over again he wants to have another kid, and that he wants it to be a surprise to him. So, even though it are wise words, he is not in control of that then. And I don’t think Cate has any serious intentions to actually stop smoking before getting pregnant.

    And it’s just sad to see that Amber is going on vacation again, after already not seeing Leah that often during that time. But that probably will even get worse when the baby is born. So sad for Leah, having a mum who just comes and goes whenever she wants.

    • JerseyGirl says:

      Thank you – I’m not sure where I put amber instead of catelynn? Let me know, if you get a chance, I appreciate the feedback!

      I agree about Cate stopping smoking – she had the IUD removed and is still smoking….so…

      • -A says:

        Butch is working on Tyler’s new house and also apparently is skilled in cast removal, as he takes Tyler’s nephews cast off his foot. What?! Amber is also re-thinking having another baby.

        Farrah, Sophia, her dad and his fiancé have arrived in Italy. Debra will arrive the following day. Amber’s plan is to keep her parents apart. (You also used Amber’s name in part of Farrah’s recap).

  2. -A says:

    Maci – Mack just needs to go away, if Ryan is telling you to ease up you might have a problem; also her kicking her leg up there was so weird. Interesting that Ryan knows how the invitation was addressed is trying to tell his dad and his dad wants to sit there and argue with him, pretty sure Ryan knows more about it than Larry.

    Farrah – She is rude in every language and to everyone. No egg and bowl aren’t the same everywhere get a clue and learn something. Also I’m sure Debz was all about getting along and not rocking the boat so that she can get more free trips.

    Amber – Please spend time with Leah and take her on one of your amazing vacations, I’m sure she would not only love spending time with you but would love the experience to see all there is to see.

    Cate – I’m glad her doctor asked her more than once and in a few different ways if she was sure she wanted her IUD removed and that she needed to quit smoking and lose weight to not only be healthier but to avoid gestational diabetes, hopefully she follows her advice and does so.

    I saw that Cate is pregnant, is there any truth to that or has anyone seen anything confirming/denying?


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