Teen Mom OG | Season 7 Episode 9 RECAP | Let’s Try Again

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Cate has not told Tyler that she had her IUD removed because she wants to surprise him. They are getting ready to launch their fall clothing line for Tierra Reign. Tyler tells his mom that launching the new line and running the clothing website is stressful, but good for him. He’s also stressed about the house renovations. He is feeling miserable and not sleeping. His mom suggests sleeping pills but Tyler is not interested in that route. He feels maybe he is missing spirituality or something else in his life. Maybe a real job or school, Tyler? Just a thought. Tyler does not feel Cate could run the business without him.

Cate, Tyler and Nova head out to take pictures of their new clothing line. Tyler is stressing out because he is so tired. He tries to take a car nap with Nova’s commentary which is super cute to hear. They arrive in Detroit for the photo shoot. Cate starts to panic when she can’t find her keys partway through the shoot. The keys are found a crisis is avoided.

Tyler and his mom go to check out the renovations on the new house. Tyler’s step-father is working on the house but there is still a lot of work to be completed. Tyler and his mom discuss his insomnia and other issues more in depth. They also discuss his issues with the producer. Tyler admits he has some self-esteem issues. Tyler’s mom feels that she was not a great mom, but Tyler assures her that she was a wonderful mom and still is.


Amber and Andrew are out exploring Hawaii. Amber is feeling good about being pregnant. Amber is still experiencing morning sickness. She lets the producers know and says it wasn’t too much of a surprise since they were not using birth control.

Gary, Kristina and Leah are in the car and Leah asks who the favorite child is. Kristina states she has no favorite and Gary bumbles through telling Leah she “had her time to be the favorite”. Kristina tells him knock that off. Kristina reassures Leah that she loves all her children.

Amber is still not feeling great. Andrew talks to the producer and says he wasn’t looking for a serious relationship, but something just pulled him and Amber together. He says he’s slightly terrified about the baby, but also happy.

Andrew is cooking dinner for Amber at their condo in Hawaii. Amber talks to the producer later about the pregnancy. Amber is a little apprehensive about having another child, but is focusing on having a good life and a happy, healthy baby. Amber wishes they could live in Malibu, but she won’t leave Leah. Andrew will likely move to Indy. Amber shares that she has been off her medications for about a month, as Andrew is very uplifting and she no longer needed meds.

Amber and Andrew enjoy some beach time and talk about seeing a doctor when they get back to Indy. Andrew says again how happy he is about the bundle of joy. Amber tries to tell him that the pregnancy will be intense. Amber is scared to tell everyone about the baby. Amber tells Andrew that she is sure things will be great because of who he is.


It is almost Taylor and Maci’s one-year anniversary. Taylor has arranged a babysitter so he can take Maci out to dinner. It’s nice to see Taylor and Maci hanging out with the kids playing together and just being a family.

Maci calls Amber back and Amber tells her the big news. Maci congratulates her and reassures her that things will be great. It is nice that they are close.

Maci pulls out their wedding cake topper for their anniversary. Taylor sneaks a bite and Maci is not happy about that. Side story – I got married June 16 – by Fourth of July, I had texted my now ex on the golf course to ask him if he minded if I ate the top of our wedding cake. He said he didn’t care. Maybe there’s something to that tradition. Also, side note, what the heck are they doing with Maverick’s hair? Why? Please stop.

Maci and Taylor head out for their dinner. Taylor has ordered a limo to take them to dinner. They have a good time in the limo on the way to dinner. Taylor and Maci talk about more kids at dinner. Maci seems like she doesn’t want another one biologically, but she admits if Taylor does, she’s all in. They are both good with adopting an older child in the four-to-six-year-old range. She alludes to a miscarriage and Taylor looks very sad and excuses himself from the table. Taylor comes back to the table and says he doesn’t want to talk about it on camera especially before they talk to their parents.


Farrah is still in Italy. Debz is off exploring while Farrah spends time with Michael and Amy. Farrah and Michael figure out exactly how he will propose to Amy the next day. Farrah also tells Michael how to dress for the proposal.

The entire group heads out in a convertible, then head out on a boat. Farrah tells her mom that Michael is going to propose to Amy. Debz seems supportive and fine with it all. Michael is incredibly nervous, which is sort of sweet to see. They head out to the Emerald Grotto for the big proposal. Michael pulls up a poem he wrote to Amy on his phone and reads it to her. They both cry a little. It’s very sweet. Well done, Michael!

Debz gets a present for Michael and Amy. For some reason, Debra breaks down as she is congratulating them and telling them how happy she is for them. Farrah says she is happy both her parents are in Italy together and everyone is getting along. Of course, she has to bring up the ill-fated trip to Key West where she fought with Dr. David. Deb does not really take the bait though.

Next time on Teen Mom OG – Amber tells Gary, Leah, and her family about the baby, Ryan is frustrated that Maci will still not let him see Bentley, Debra is sad that Farrah and Sophia will not be at her wedding and Catelynn has purchased a pregnancy test. Until next time, Jersey out!

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  1. Bab's biggest fan says:

    I may not be an expert here, but I’m pretty sure new relationship bliss doesn’t really replace medication for bipolar (isn’t that what amb has) *rolls eyes*

  2. -A says:

    Cate – I see why she didn’t/hasn’t told Tyler about getting her IUD removed b/c he said himself he wanted to be surprised this time. Maybe Tyler could put down the Red Bull and he might be able to sleep, also melatonin can be bought OTC and in small amounts he wouldn’t become addicted to it.

    Amber – I agree about her being “happy” right now is all about the new relationship “walking on clouds” etc. You really should consult your doctor before going off of them.

    Maci – It was nice to see and the family just hanging out and not doing anything, I feel for her for going through this miscarriage and being open about it.

    Farrah – It was nice to see everyone get along for the most part, but Farrah is Farrah and always has to get the last dig in. Congrats on Michael and Amy on the engagement and for Debz being the bigger person and getting them an engagement gift.

  3. Nikki says:

    Tyler’s sister looked crazy with that magenta hair :0. The last thing that Catelynn needs is another baby..
    Amber and Andrew are weird together. She is enamored with any man she dates so this is her typical routine. She might as well move to Malibu, she’s perfectly happy rarely seeing Leah.

  4. Leah's Meth Pipe says:

    Cate: I’m behind in episodes and just saw the carly visit one. Cate is so damaged by the adoption. She does not need another baby. She needs to get her head sorted.

    Farrah: I can’t watch her segments. I have to concentrate too hard to work out what she’s trying to say.

    Maci: ever the martyr. Sometimes I feel supportive towards her. And other times I feel like she’s all show and doing it for the cameras because she’s really just a drunk lazy mother who hides it better than the others because she’s smarter.

    Amber: LAZY AF. She would’ve been better off staying out of Leah’s life after gel and just taking her mess and moving on elsewhere. She’s so in and out and up and down. I feel bad for Leah. She’s so lucky she has Kristina. And Leah will realise this as she gets older. I foresee a future where Leah calls Ambien out for her bullshit and Ambien smacks her around for being “disrespectful” in the same manner she did to her father.

  5. chelseas annoying baby voice says:

    ‘Maybe a real job or school, Tyler? ‘


    Amber: She is just so full of shit. I still can’t get over the fact tgat this girl doesn’t see her damn kid for 10 weeks yet thinks it is a good idea to get pregnant.. Well at least this time she can’t rely on Gary & Kristina to take care of HER kid.


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