Teen Mom VMA Red Carpet Looks

Hope you guys enjoyed the live recap! Now let’s look behind the scenes at why this special Teen Mom OG episode aired tonight: The VMAs.

The three main attendees tonight were Kail Lowry, Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham. Gary Shirley was also there, oddly enough. Now let’s get to snarkin’!

Jenelle Evans shows off her bump

I gotta be honest with you guys. At first I was like, ‘Ah shoot. There’s nothing good to snark on here.’ Because Jenelle actually looked pretty fab tonight. She embraced the bump in a nude chiffon dress with tasteful makeup, hair and jewelry. (I would bet money “Melange,” her usual go-to makeup artist through her ex-manager Jonny Donovan, was not involved this time.) If you didn’t know her, you’d probably get a very different impression from her red carpet walk.

Jenelle Evans pregnant at VMAs

But then my trainwreck dreams came true when I saw Jenelle did not attend the actual VMAs and spent the rest of the night snapchatting how pissed she was about it and pretending she had “business meetings” that took priority… on a Sunday… at 9 p.m….

Nope. Not salty at all.

Nope. Not salty at all.

On another note, Uncle David Eason was there. While he dressed decently… well, I’ll leave the rest to you guys. It’s rumored that the reason Jenelle did not or possibly could not attend the VMAs is because she insisted on bringing this ticket-less dope with her.

Jenelle boyfriend VMA

No comment.

Kail Lowry takes Farrah’s place as a call girl

Okay, maybe that’s a bit harsh. Kail’s outfit itself looks a’ight, but she insisted on going completely bra-less, which left her nipple rings clearly visible. She was also trying to accentuate her new rear, but it comes off a bit… diaper-y to me.

I’m having a hard time being too lenient with her because she snapped a photo of some random person to make fun of their feet. So I figure she’s fair game.


When you see it…


My apologies to this foot. It didn’t deserve this.


I can only imagine what this interviewer is thinking.

Farrah Abraham tries too hard

I am guessing that Farrah was going for the attention with this get-up. She legit showed up as Wonder Woman, with poorly dyed blue hair and oddly contoured boobages. Her snaps are hilarious if you have a chance, because she is clearly playing it up and being loud but nobody will look at her.


No… Just no.

Gary Shirley rolls out of bed for VMAs

This boy ain’t right. Who attends a red carpet event in a TJ Maxx polo and cargo shorts? I know I’m ragging on Farrah for trying too hard, but come on man. Just a modicum of effort!



Side note: I created a Snapchat account and followed these people just for you all. I seriously feel like this:

So let me know your thoughts on the Teen mom girls’ red carpet looks from tonight’s VMAs!

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  1. Nee says:

    Jesus God, Kail.

  2. Nathan's Cop Car Dramatics says:

    Thanks for suffering through their snaps! 😉

    So, do you guys think that Kail must have had a boob job? Remember her dress from the MTV Movie Awards – no way are these the same boobs; she would be falling out the bottom of that red lace top if they were. She looks such a hot mess, the butt, the outfit, the hair, the visible nipples and the NIPPLE PIERCING?! Sweat pants are out, but piercing your sexual organs and showing them off to thousands of people is okay?

    • Leah's Meth Pipe says:

      That’s the first thing I though too! She’s had a lift I reckon. They aren’t super full like fakies. But definitely had work done. Her ass looks ridiculous. And also, for someone who had a tummy tuck, she doesn’t look that great? I’ve had two friends have them and they aren’t super clean eaters, but they exercise regularly and their tummies look flat and neat.
      So UBT was refused entry? Could explain why JE was feeling so “nervous” while she waited to go in. What a loser.

    • Laine says:

      Except that breasts aren’t sex organs.

  3. Old lady says:

    Uncle Bad Touch definitely looks drunk or high!

    Kail. Just no.
    Farrah. What?

  4. Ambers 'anxiety' says:

    Kails get up is killin’ me. Hahahah-as she said poor crop top/boobs/ass, you didn’t do anything to deserve that. She used to be pretty until she tried to pull off the hey I’m white but lets pretend I’m not ish.

  5. Mk2000 says:

    Lmao! Great recap, thank you for this. I think it’s great that uncle Dave couldn’t get in. It kind of reminds me of the “premiere” a few weeks ago. Another embarrassing scene thanks to UBT.

  6. Mk2000 says:

    At least, Gary had his eyebrows on for the occasion.

  7. The IncrediKail Hulk says:

    Did you happen to see the one being posted on Reddit of Jenelle in the back of a car with two open beer bottles in the cup holder? Girlfriend, if you want to be taken seriously you need to clean up your image. If UBT was the reason she couldn’t get in, I have a shred more respect for the network. Or perhaps it’s getting pregnant with the third baby daddy you haven’t even been with for a year yet. Either way, way to make my night MTV.

    Kail and Farrah look ridiculously hilarious. Both are trying so hard to get attention it’s pathetic.

  8. IJR says:

    Whaaaaat is up with Kail? I think she actually used to look pretty. Now she has permanent diaper butt, clown lips, and that nipple piercing thing is just about the trashiest thing ever! So sad that she has two sons, what a horrible role model. She walks around like we all owe her appreciation or something. She really needs a reality check.

  9. Barbara's Home for Abandoned children says:

    Kail looked soo trashy!!

    I actually thought Farrah looked cute in that getup. Alot of people dress wacky for the VMAs and she pulled it off. She looked 100x less skanky than Kail…..and that’s saying something!

  10. Rosie says:

    Jenelle: i loved that dress!! I would definitly wear it (im pregnant and my due date is last week of january) about everything else, she never fail to disapoint us with a good dose of riddiculous drama

    Farrah: to be fair ill say that despite the terribly bad boob contour she looked way better than other times. I mean the girl is nuts so its weird when she looks more like a comic con atendee than a prostitute

    Kail: oh my god where to start. I personally think kail has nice features and could look good. She looked like crap. Super oily face, boring hair do, very cheap and trashy outfit, it didnt flatter her, and all those surgeries definitly dont help. She tries soooo hard to be controversial and different but she ends looking cheap. Boob rings??? Btw i have a friend who got an ass job, she couldnt seat for two months, and i personally found it riddiculous (half the size of kails implants)

    • Catherine says:

      I don’t understand the allure of an ass job? I have spent my life trying to make mine smaller. Did Kail think it would balance out her boobs??

  11. Nathan's Ponytail says:

    Thanks for taking one for the team and braving snap chat. I have no idea how that shit works either.
    I hadn’t seen the Farrah outfit yet. Farrah will do literally anything for attention.
    I don’t know what the hell Kail was thinking. Like even if she thought this was a good look and she really wanted to show off those nipple rings, this was not the top to do it. Or at least like wear a skin colored bra and cut holes for the nipples, idk. Those girls need support!

  12. Jace and Kaiser's Therapist says:

    Kail needs Jesus for sure. She looks so fake from her boos to her ass. Her ass reminds of Kim Kardashian … Keep it trashy kail

    Jenelle never change girl… Sad to say but I love the drama you bring. She knew that uncle Dave wasn’t invited but tried to get I’m in away and it didnt work.. And then she had to go be all salty about it

  13. #LifeAfterLeah says:

    Well Janelle,
    Now I’m just a regular mom with half decent morals and one baby daddy whom I happened to be married to. So I’m sure it is far from comparable, however I wasn’t invited to the VMAs this year (what’s up with that MTV) so I watched from home. I had to be up for 4 AM and still stayed up for the majority of the show. I’m finding it hard to believe that Janelle would leave without being forced to.
    Hell, Kail drove home afterwords for Issacs fist day of school and still managed to stay for the entire thing.
    Janelle snapped a picture of her and David each with their own tickets. My best guess is he got drunk, they had a dispute or he was just an ass and was removed. Expecially seeing as how the rest of the night he didn’t snapchat and he wasn’t in any of Janelle’s.
    Is David in jail in New York?
    That’s just my theory.

    • Nathan's Cop Car Dramatics says:

      People are speculating that he actually had Babs’ ticket, and they’re non transferable so he wasn’t allowed in, so Jenelle threw a huge tantrum and left.

  14. WELL, JENELLE says:

    I always ragged on Jenelles outfit and makeup choices, I’m shocked at how well put together she looks here.

    Kail on the other hand… Wow…
    Needs attention like a fish needs water

  15. Sophia's Stripper Pole says:

    ….aaaand Farrah’s transformation into a cartoon character is complete.

  16. Amelia says:

    Also I wanted to add I think Kail would be a decent person if MTV hadn’t screwed her up.

  17. Stop it says:

    Jenelle’s dress,hair, and make up actually look pretty good in my opinion. But then she had to get all crazy and snapchat her middle finger. Real mature. What a great example for your children.
    Kailyn… her butt is ridiculous and that top looks like it is from Rainbow. Not to mention the visible nipped ring. Keep it classy. I bet her kids will be so embarrassed when they see this on the Internet eventually.

  18. Nikki says:

    I feel like I’m going to vomit after seeing Kailyn :× she looks disgusting. Only good thing is her hair, it looks really pretty I like it shorter. That said she acts like she has so much confidence but she’s one of those people that has to say it over and over again so that she believes it, when truly she’s completely insecure – look at how she handles herself, look at her outfit, look at the obsessive plastic surgery. Just no!

    • IJR says:

      Totally true….”Confidence is silent, insecurities are loud.” She acts like she’s so tough and doesn’t care what others think but is ALWAYS putting herself in the limelight, constantly changing her looks, and harping again and again about how confident she is. Sounds like insecurities to me!

      • Nikki says:

        Agree! Just why does this chick think she is so “street smart” and tough?? I don’t see where she thinks she has so much life experience? And she is anything but confident! She is never going to be happy with anyone including herself until she seeks real non mtv therapy.

  19. Britt says:

    Kail…ew. So much plastic surgery when all she had to do was be consistent with her diet and work out. But no, she doesn’t have the discipline for that.
    And her nips! I have my nipples pierced but they are not for show. Wtf?! I honestly make sure mine are hidden and if I am wearing a dress or top that requires no bra, I slap on some pasties. I would never EVER have mine completely out like that. So trashy. I just can’t with her.

  20. Childsupportformakeup says:

    Meh… Would I wear what kail wore? No.. But I think the hate she’s getting is overkill!
    She’s newly single and trying to get her sexy on.. She breast fed for over a year I think.. Tons of people have already seen her breasts when feeding the baby so she wouldn’t be as modest as most women might be..

    Janelle looks like a pregnant bride.. It looks nice but her bad attitude ruined it

    Farrah was dropping by on her way to comicon? I don’t understand the costume…

  21. Orlando says:

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