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Hey there loyal readers! Here we are with Teen Mum starting up already! Who’s excited?? I am! I hope I can keep these girls straight; I watched the preview and they kind of all looked alike to me. Or maybe just a couple of them did.

Anyway, here we go!



Naomi Konickova

Naomi, who is 19, lives in London and is an aspiring model. She has a two-year-old daughter Kyanna. She has an on again, off again relationship with Kyanna’s dad, Raphael. Naomi and Raphael are hanging out, although it doesn’t appear that Raphael really wants to be with her and her child. He basically tells her that he has another girl and she’s his sidepiece. He slurps something and tells her he doesn’t love her. She counters that she doesn’t love him either and may not always stick around.

Naomi Konickova

Naomi and Raphael hook up when he comes over to see Kyanna. Oh, hi London Chelsea and Adam! Naomi is also training to be a makeup artist. She talks to her friend while doing makeup and swears she is over him. Raphael shows up after five days and Naomi asks him where he’s been. He says he didn’t want to see her. Naomi tells her she doesn’t need him. As she cries and talks to the camera, she assures us that she is strong enough to be a single parent.

Naomi decides to confront the girl that Raphael is seeing. Naomi tells her that Raphael has been sleeping with her along. They meet at a mall and awkwardly smile at each other. Ines, the girlfriend, tells her that she really wanted to kill both of them. Yikes! Naomi takes some of the responsibility for hooking up with Raphael. Ines tells Naomi that Raphael doesn’t love anyone and is a player and she has broken up with him. Naomi gives a little smirk at hearing that, as if her evil plan has worked.

Naomi Konickova

Megan Salmon-Ferrari

Megan, age 17, lives in Essex with her boyfriend Dylan in a camper/van/something in his parent’s driveway.   I don’t know that I’ve ever loved anyone that much. They have a baby boy named McKenzie. Dylan has just proposed to Megan and of course she said yes. Megan wants an engagement party but Dylan feels that is silly. Megan’s mom comes over with flowers and checks out the ring. She tells Dylan he did a good job picking the ring.

Megan Salmon-Ferrari

Dylan wants a beach wedding and Megan would like a winter wonderland wedding. Dylan does say that it will be a couple of years before the wedding. Megan is feeling that being engaged is not very romantic. Dylan is working three jobs and she stays home to take care of the baby. She is angry when Dylan is not coming home to help take care of McKenzie and they have a fight. Or a row. I feel like Megan might be UK Janel.

Megan Salmon-Ferrari

Megan is upset that Dylan slept with her ex-best friend in their car. This puts a damper on that engagement party, I guess. Megan’s step-dad comes in and tells Megan how he was right about everything and that she shouldn’t have had a baby so young. You don’t say, Big Mark. Seriously, that is his name. Well, not his legal name, I don’t think, although I did go to school with a guy named Littlejohn, no lie.

Megan is not sure her and Dylan will be able to fix things, although she doesn’t want McKenzie to not have a father in his life. She is just incredibly hurt. She looks at pictures of the two of them and cries.

Megan Salmon-Ferrari

Mia Boardman

Mia is pregnant with her boyfriend Manly’s child. Manly. Alrighty then! Mia is 19 and lives in South Hampton. Manly is described as devoted, however, he also has a very young child with his ex-girlfriend.   Mia is anxious to have her baby girl, but Manly assures her it’s a matter of going in there, and pushing her out and done. He jokingly says he doesn’t want to be her birthing partner. At least I hope he was joking. Mia assures him she won’t scream in labor.

Mia Boardman

Mia is nice enough to drive Manly to his ex-girlfriend’s four times a week so he can take care of his daughter Aalayah. Mia is trying to make the best of the situation but does admit it’s slightly awkward. Mia is more than ready to have the baby. She is distressed that she is gaining weight everywhere. She does go with Manly’s sister to get a manicure and his sister tells her how awful labor is. That’s always helpful. Mia is also unhappy that Manly and his ex, Erin, are now Facebook friends. She does not think her and Erin will ever be friends.

Mia is two weeks overdue and is going to be induced. She heads to the hospital with Manly and Manly’s sister. Manly and Mia have a fight in the hospital though, over Aalayah. Manly wants Aalayah there at the birth. Um, she’s a toddler, why would you want a toddler at the birth? He feels like Mia is just being jealous and wants him there for her and Marliya. Manly’s sister tries to explain how Mia is feeling to Manly, and stumbles over everyone’s names. Honestly, I don’t blame her.

Mia is in a lot of pain and has forgiven Manly. She asks for nitrous oxide to help her with the pain. It seems to help, and Manly rubs her back. She is ready for an epidural, even though she had wanted to have the baby with no drugs. She is really sucking on that nitrous though. Mia is not making great progress in having her baby. She is worried about a C-section, and when the baby is in distress, they have to go that route. Mia is sad that she didn’t have her perfect birth. Mia’s dad is very supportive of her though.

Chloe Patton

Chloe is 17 and lives in Nottingham with her parents and her baby Marley and her boyfriend Jordan. Chloe does not appear to have been very prepared for motherhood. I mean, who is, am I right? Chloe is worried that since she had Marley, she is not physically attractive to Jordan, since she is three stone bigger (42 lbs.). To his credit, Jordan does his best to reassure Chloe that she looks great. He tells her that she is perfect and she asks him if she had one tooth and no fingers if he would still feel that way. He mutters that he would, as he plays on his phone. He does snuggle her, which is sweet and tells her he loves her. I feel like this is UK Cate and Tyler.

Chloe Patton

Chloe is hanging out with her friend Emily and taking care of Marley. She is still feeling a little overwhelmed with motherhood. She is missing going out and hanging out with friends. Chloe is feeling trapped while Jordan and her mom go to work. She is tired and tired of cleaning and taking care of the baby and making bottles. She seems like she has postpartum depression. She tells her mom that she is feeling overwhelmed and depressed. Her mom basically says it isn’t her fault.

Chloe Patton

Chloe is sinking further into depression and has set up a counseling session. She is not really looking forward to going, but does. It turns out she is glad she went and was happy to have someone listen to her talk.

Next time on Teen Mum—Naomi goes out clubbing, Megan is still hurt by Dylan’s cheating, Chloe is unhappy and Mia is unhappy. There is a lot of unhappy, that’s for sure! Until next time, Jersey out!

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  1. KDot says:

    Mia looks so much like Danielle from season 3 of 16 and preggo! Thank you for the recap! I thought I wasn’t going to watch this show, but it seems pretty entertaining!

    • JerseyGirl says:

      There definitely seems to be a lot of drama! and you’re right about her looking like Danielle!

      thank you!

  2. Barb's Babies says:

    I could have sworn there was 5 girls when I watched it in the UK!

  3. Nikki says:

    Can’t get into the UK version myself. It bored me 15 minutes in. Thank goodness for recaps!


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