Teen Mum | Season 1 Episode 2 RECAP | You Ruin Everything

Here we go, episode two of our Brit Teen Moms, errr Mums.

I am still having some trouble keeping them straight, but getting better!





Mia needs to have a C-section. Her dad is very supportive and tells her it will be okay. Baby Marliya arrives and is perfect. Mia is having some trouble adjusting to being a new mum and Manley has had to do all the night feedings so far. She vows to change, but sleeps through Marliya waking and crying.

Mia’s boyfriend Manley is going to pick up his other daughter, Aalayah. Mia feels like Manley has everything down as far as childcare, since he’s done it already. Mia is also feeling overwhelmed with caring for Marliya. Manley’s family has also said that she is a bad mum behind her back, which makes her upset.   Mia has run away with the baby to her grandma’s house. Manley is not on her side, and didn’t run after her at all. He blows her off and tells her not to talk to him anymore.


Naomi and Raphael are not together currently. Naomi can’t help asking about his other girl, Ines when he is there to see their daughter. Raphael can’t seem to figure out if he wants to be with Naomi or Ines.

Naomi and Raphael argue about Ines and his inability to commit to either of them. Naomi keeps saying she doesn’t care, when it’s obvious that she does care. She then admits that she does care and still likes him. She regrets breaking up with Raphael right after Kyanna was born because he burned her toast.


Megan feels things are over with Dylan, since he cheated with her former best friend. She hates them both. Megan has decided to forgive Dylan, but Megan’s mom is not even close to forgiving him. Megan doesn’t want McKenzie to go through not having both his parents together. She is still upset with Dylan though. She tells Dylan she hates him, and she is only staying for McKenzie’s sake.

Dylan tells her that he won’t ever cheat again, and Megan tells him that he has broken her trust. Megan scraps the car that Dylan cheated on her in. That seems a bit over the top, but hey, who knows. They also decide to move their campervan to a park instead of his parent’s driveway. Megan puts together a romantic night in, complete with a gift for Dylan. Wait, girl, he cheated on you, he should be the one trying.

Megan seems to be trying to make a fresh start with Dylan and fixes her hair and nails for date night. She has a babysitter for McKenzie for the night. They go out to eat at a restaurant/gas station combo and Megan tells Dylan that he needs to make up with her mum in order to smooth things over. Dylan seems less than thrilled with this development. Megan’s mom is coming over to hash things out with Dylan. Megan just wants everyone to get along and make up. Megan’s mom basically tells Dylan she is not happy with him since he hurt her daughter. Dylan seems to want to make up, but Megan’s mom is not having any of it.


Chloe and Jordan are off to Spain and leaving baby Marley with his grandma. Chloe is excited to go on a trip with just Jordan, but is still feeling self-conscious about her weight.   Chloe FaceTimes baby Marley and says she misses him. She is also less than thrilled with her holiday with Jordan, who seems to be getting on her nerves.

Chloe has a girl’s night out with her friend Bethan and bashes Jordan for being childish. Chloe laments how all she does is take care of the baby all day every day. The next day, Jordan is still upset with Chloe for leaving him home alone all night. They are going out that night for a romantic date. Chloe tells him that he is overreacting and he tells her that she makes things worse. Chloe wants them to get their own place, but Jordan says he is only seventeen and feels very pressured.

Chloe is glad to be home to Marley. Chloe is still anxious for her and Jordan to get a house together with Marley. She finds a house online that she thinks is perfect. It is also down the road from her mom’s.

Next time on Teen Mum – Naomi is still not sure what to do about Raphael, Chloe is whiny, Megan’s family does not forgive Dylan and Mia goes back to face Manley’s family.

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  1. Cate says:

    Everyone has weird names in this show

    • Baby Daddy #3 says:

      Really? I found it interesting how our girl names are boy names in England, but other than that they sounded quite common


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