Teen Mum | Season 1 Episode 3 RECAP | We Bought a Horse

Hey there readers! Slowly catching up, I didn’t realize Teen Mum was doing two episodes at a time.

What’s the verdict amongst y’all? Are you liking this show? Bored? I am still deciding.






Megan is still working on forgiving Dylan for cheating on her, six weeks later. Her mum is still not forgiving him either. Dylan goes to see Megan’s stepdad, who tells him “I told you so” regarding being too young to have a baby or be in a serious relationship. The stepdad cuts him zero slack.

Dylan buys Megan a horse for her birthday. A horse. They live in a camper and he bought her a horse. They can’t keep the horse at the campground, so he makes a stable in his parent’s back yard. My kids have done some stuff I have not been pleased about, but at least they never put livestock in my backyard! Dylan says he doesn’t know anything about horses, but was glad to spend all his savings to get a horse for Megan.

Money is tight for the young couple, but have no fear, Megan is making glittery glasses to sell. She goes to a local flea market to sell her glitterware with her mom. Her mom points out that since Megan borrows money from her, buying a horse was not a very sound decision. Megan’s mom is managing to sell her items, but no one is buying the glitterware.

Megan admits she is scared of the horse and is also worried that the horse is pregnant. Dylan says the horse must not be pregnant, because the horse doesn’t get upset if you touch her, but Megan didn’t like anyone touching her while pregnant. Wow, he literally thinks people and horses react the same to being pregnant. Dylan and Megan are both regretting buying the horse. Megan and Dylan are very worried about money. They want to go on holiday for Megan’s 18th birthday, but have bills to pay. They want to take a trip to Spain. Megan and Dylan have to give up the horse, which isn’t pregnant after all. They have a huge fight about Dylan cheating on her and now doesn’t want to go to Spain. Megan cries, Dylan comforts her, McKenzie bounces, and then Megan and Dylan kiss and make up.


Mia and Manley are still on the outs since she ran away to her grandma’s, but he is willing to talk to her. He doesn’t understand that she was feeling sad that everyone in his family thinks she is a bad mum. Who the heck does Manley look like? I can’t put my finger on it at all?? Anyway, Mia wants to feel supported emotionally by Manley. He tells her get over it, and starts to laugh, which makes Mia laugh. They kiss and make up. She still isn’t ready to make up with Maggie, Manley’s mom. Mia tells her how she feels. Mia cries and Maggie cries and they make up.

Mia tries a tanning bed and it makes her milk let down. She bakes a cake for Maggie’s birthday to show her that all is forgiven. She, however, misspells birthday on the cake. It is instead, Maggie’s “birtday”. Maggie doesn’t mind the misspelling and tells Mia that she is very special to her.  Manley’s ex girlfriend comes over unannounced with Aalayah for Maggie’s birthday. Mia is not happy about this. Manley seems oblivious to the awkwardness.


Chloe is anxious for her and Jordan to get their own house. She thinks that is the answer to all their problems. Jordan is hesitant, and thinks maybe they are too young.

It’s Chloe’s 18th birthday and her friend comes over to help her pick an outfit, but Chloe is still feeling very self-conscious and overweight. She is excited that she will now be able to drink legally. Chloe and her friends head out for a birthday celebration. Chloe has her first legal drink and then some more. She is annoyed that Jordan has not called to wish her a happy birthday. Side note, there are a LOT of birthdays being celebrated on this show! Chloe gives Jordan the “whatever” and hangs up.

Chloe is still upset that Jordan didn’t call her while she was out celebrating her birthday and wants him to make things up to her. He brings her several pizzas and a birthday card. They kiss and make up.


Naomi goes to a convention with her friends to get her makeup artist career going. She gets some advice from bloggers there and seems pretty into it all. Hey, at least she’s not just holding down her couch. Raphael is “babysitting” Kyanna. I personally hate when people say they are babysitting their own kids. No, that’s called being a parent. Raphael does not take Naomi’s calls when she calls to check on Kyanna. She keeps saying she doesn’t care what he does.

Raphael keeps Kyanna overnight and Naomi has to pick her up at Ines’ house. She is less than happy about this. Naomi calls Ines out about taking Raphael back, which is amusing, as we can all see that Naomi would take him back in a heartbeat. Ines tells Naomi that her and Raphael are not back together, but he does stay there sometimes. Naomi feels that Ines is not being truthful though.

Naomi can’t decide whether to be with Raphael or not. He is sending her “flirty” texts. Clearly he’s a player. Naomi asks him his intentions and he, of course, says he is not getting back with Ines. Naomi and her friend go out for a girl’s night, where she hopes to forget Raphael. Of course, first her and her friend has to discuss him. Naomi needs to take a lesson from Jenelle and find a new soulmate.

Naomi lets Raphael stay over and says they are trying to work things out, but taking things slowly. Naomi seems desperate to make her ideal little family work, even if Raphael is not really into it and not committed. Three weeks into the starting over phase, Naomi says everyone is very happy, including Ky. They go on a family outing to a farm. Naomi wants to get a dog and commit to living together. She presses to find out where Raphael’s head is. He is not exactly gushing about the situation. He does not want to say if they are actually back together. He admits he has not officially ended things with Ines and she might just think they are on a break.


Next time on Teen Mum – Raphael and Naomi argue about the state of their relationship, Megan and Dylan head to Spain, Chloe and Jordan argue, Mia and Erin compete with Father’s Day gifts for Manley. Until next update, Jersey out!

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