Teen Mum | Season 1 Episode 4 | Father’s Day

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Marley is six months old and is starting solids. Chloe has signed Marley up for baby modeling and tells Jordan that Marley wants to model. Jordan point out that he’s a baby. Megan tells the camera that she just wants to do something with her life, which is apparently the same as putting your kid into modeling. Chloe is very excited at this opportunity to get her child’s face out there and get out of the house. Jordan is less excited about the prospect of a baby model son.

Marley has a photo shoot, and I have to admit, that is a pretty cute baby. The photographer lays the facts out about modeling and says Marley has a chance of being used at some point in a print ad. Chloe shows Jordan the pictures from the photo shoot. He says he doesn’t care if Marley is a model, but doesn’t want him to work on the weekends, because that’s his chance to see his son.

Chloe is still going to counseling for her depression. She is also ready to take control of her weight. Her and her mom have words about each other’s weight. Megan leaves for a walk with the baby. She is intent on making changes, but also loves pizza. She decides to put working out on hold. Well, that was fast.


Raphael is still not fully committed to Naomi, but he is flat ironing her hair. I guess that’s some level of commitment, right? Raphael is still talking to Ines, though, which upsets Naomi. Raphael claims he cannot just cut Ines off. Naomi claims that he can’t have it both ways, although it appears that he does have it both ways.

Naomi goes to the salon and dishes with the hairdresser. She tells the hairdresser that she has given Raphael an ultimatum – he cannot stay over until he ends things completely with Ines. The hairdresser tells her do not allow the cake eating. Good advice, Naomi, good advice.

Naomi has her first makeup job. She needs Raphael to watch Ky, but he doesn’t seem too interested in getting up. Naomi is really excited about her career. She does well and is asked to return at some point.

Naomi calls Raphael out on still being in touch with Ines. She knows he has been asking to see her. She has copies of the texts between Ines and Raphael. Raphael tries to backpedal, but Naomi isn’t buying it (in the moment) and he actually looks panicked for a minute. It’s OVER! For the moment.


Mia is planning for Manley’s first Father’s Day and plans on making him a card, buying him a lot of balloons and dipping her infant daughter’s hand in paint to put on the card. Mia is upset that Manley’s ex girlfriend has posted an online message from their daughter wishing him a happy Father’s Day. Mia is incredibly jealous and insecure. Mia admits that she doesn’t even know what her biggest fear is when it comes to the ex; she just doesn’t like it that the ex even exists.

Mia does get over the message from the ex and wants to have a nice day with Manley and the girls. Their day out interrupted by a flat tire. Manley tries to change the tire, but it’s clear he doesn’t know what he’s doing. They fix the tire but miss their outing. Manley takes Aalayah home and his ex gives him a Father’s Day present. Mia is not pleased by this, but Manley is very happy. The present is a collage of Manley and his little girl. Mia is incredibly jealous and upset.


Megan and Dylan and baby McKenzie are off to Spain for a family holiday, along with Megan’s dad. They are all staying with Megan’s grandma. Megan is hoping that she at least gets a birthday cake for her eighteenth birthday.

Dylan and Megan are having a nice holiday. They go on a walk together while Megan’s dad watches the baby. Dylan re-proposes to Megan, who squeals and says yes. Actually she says “yes, you idiot”. Now there’s true love. Megan and Dylan compromise regarding an engagement party and their wedding. Megan will get her party and Dylan will get his low-key ceremony on a hot beach. Seems pretty reasonable, really.

Megan is going out with her family to celebrate her birthday. Dylan is not happy about her outfit and forbids her to wear it out of the house, errr, camper. Dylan tells her that he is paranoid about her wearing something sexy because he cheated, so she might. Great logic there, Dylan. He then tells her that she is losing her mind, and he leaves. Wow, Dylan, you just lost major points there. Megan does wear the outfit, but her stepdad is not impressed at all. Megan’s mom is not fond of the outfit either. Dylan Is not happy about a picture that Megan posted because he thinks she has switched her engagement ring to her right hand. He doesn’t realize the reflection shows things backwards. Maybe he’s related to Jenelle’s David…

Megan and her mom are out having a good time. Several of Megan’s friends are also there. They have a good time celebrating, even though Dylan keeps texting Megan to see what she’s doing. When Megan won’t respond, he calls her mom. Her mom tells him to relax and let Megan have a good time. Dylan drives to pick up Megan. Her mom seems concerned with Dylan’s behavior. Dylan is very upset that Megan never picked up his calls.

Next time on Teen Mum – the season finale — Ky has a birthday, Manley’s ex is coming to dinner, Megan’s engagement party turns ugly, and Chloe and Jordan hit hard times. Until then, Jersey out!

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  1. Claire says:

    Hi guys,Sorry if this has been mentioned already but I watched this series last Dec in Ireland on MTV UK and there was another girl on the show called Amber.Anyone know why she was cut from USA showing?

    • El-ahrairah says:

      I’ve looked around for info on that but I could not find any reason why. My guess is that your guys’ commercial breaks are shorter so we had to cut someone to fit US airtime?

      • Claire says:

        Ye that could be why.The new series starts in 2 weeks and they’ve added a new girl to it so there will be 6 girls in series 2 inc Amber

        • El-ahrairah says:

          That’s crazy! You’ll have to let us know what you think of the 6-girl format. I’d worry it’s not enough time with each girl to really get to know her. I haven’t seen much great feedback on the 5-girl Teen Mom 2. Leah got hardly any air time during the premiere, for example. But maybe they’re worried it’d be too boring without Briana.

          • Baby Daddy #3 says:

            Yea I really don’t like how little we know these girls. Like I read somewhere that Mia (?) was with Manley. They broke up. He got the new gf and got her pregnant. Then went back to Manley

            I feel like that wasn’t explained when I watched but idk. It’s confusing. They all look the same. I’m just not invested to the same degree

        • Poor future TM-babies with awful names says:

          I read that there won’t be 6 girls. They added the new one because Naomi is ‘taking a break’.

          I’d love to know if they will show Amber or the new girl in season 2 in the US.

          • Baby Daddy #3 says:

            Yea, Naomi is out. I think it’s nice that she passed on mtv cash to pursue other goals. I hope she’s successful

    • Grace says:

      When this aired in Canada, they had all 5 girls on it. That’s weird how the states would only show 4 of them

  2. Whydoiwatchthis says:

    Wait what?! Next week is the season finale? There were more episodes than 5 when I watched it I’m sure?

    • El-ahrairah says:

      I know they’ve been airing two episodes a week for three weeks, so it should be a total of 6 episodes. I’m not sure how they’ve been editing it differently since I was unable to see the original Teen Mom UK.


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