Victor Returns & Promises are Broken | BB18 Recap: Ep. 16

Gone but not yet forgotten, Victor wins the Battle Back Competition, beating Jozea, Bronte, and Tiffany in three separate competitions, proving himself to be a true beast as he returns back in the Big Brother house. With his return, the Roadkill Competition and the Teams Twist are officially done away with.

As you could imagine, not everyone is too thrilled to see Victor return, especially not Paulie, who was the Head of Household to backdoor Victor a few weeks ago. Paul (not Paulie) plans to buddy up with his former alliance member Victor, but mostly to keep close tabs on him for Paulie, who is most definitely reigning over the other houseguests like some sort of monarch.


The First 4 Evicted Houseguest: Glen, Jozea, Victor, and Brontbut mostly to keep close tabs on him for Paulie, who is most definitely reigning over the other houseguests like some sort of monarch.

Victor wants to lay low, knowing fully well that there is already a huge target on his back and not wanting to do anything to make it any bigger. When Victor beat Tiffany in the Battle Back Comp, she told him not to trust Da’Vonne and to align himself with Frank. Within moments of Victor reuniting with the houseguests, Frank reaches out to Victor, wanting to work together in some capacity. Paul, who witnesses Frank and Victor talking, tells all of Frank’s enemies about what he discovered.

Pretty quickly, Victor realizes there are bigger targets in the house than himself.

An hour before the new Head of Household Competition, Nicole and Frank talk game, and she tells him that Da’Vonne told her that she wants to evict Frank and Bridgette before Victor. This would later blow up in Nicole’s face, when the comp turns out to be an endurance comp and last literally for hours.


Frank ratting out Nicole to Da’Vonne

After more than five hours of keeping their wrist-banded arm above their heads, only three houseguests remain in the running: Da’Vonne, James, and Bridgette. Frank tries to talk to Da’Vonne to get her to throw the competition, but Da’Vonne flat out refuses, stating that she is okay with James being HoH, but she does not trust Bridgette. Frank tells her that “someone” told him that she was gunning for him and Bridgette, and Da’Vonne questions who told him that. They make a deal that Da’Vonne will throw the competition after Frank tells her who told him that.
She agrees, so Frank tells her it was Nicole. She refuses to uphold her side of the bargain and instead has an open conversation with the entire house, right there during the competition. Nicole quietly lies about ever telling Frank that.

Eventually, both Da’Vonne and Bridgette agree to both throw the competition to James, who promised them both that he would not nominate either of them. Like that, James became the new Head of Household, landing him a long-awaited, well-earned, celebratory kiss from Natalie.

As time passed, houseguests started coming to James to try to persuade him to choose a certain way. The majority of the house wants him to nominate Frank and go back on his word and nominate Bridgette as well. He has mixed feelings about nominating Bridgette, because Natalie and Bridgette are friends. Natalie, of course, is James’s number one ally and showmance. She tries to get James to keep his word, but Paulie, the apparent ruler of the Big Brother house, endorses the choice to nominate Bridgette.

So when the Nominations Ceremony rolls around, who does James nominate?: Bridgette and Frank. Rather than making big moves and putting a target on his own back, which at this time is pretty much target-less, he plays safe and does what the majority wants him to do.

If you were Head of Household this week, who would you have nominated for eviction?

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